Vehicle Scanning and Bomb Detectors in Abuja 

The detection of explosives has become an important area in recent years for preventing insurgent attacks, particularly in the northern regions of Nigeria and areas away from static checkpoints. Day by day, terrorism is becoming increasingly issue in the country that threatens the lives of all individual. Therefore new technology approaches are needed for tighter security and to detect the presence of these bombs and explosives.

One of the most common insurgent bomb attack activity is the sticky bomb (this is an explosive device that is fixated to any vehicle either by magnetism or an adhesive). In this case of insecurity, a diversity of Under-Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is presented to detect such threats. UVIS is a must have device that is needed at border customs stations, airports, embassies, sporting events, churches, mosques, schools, practically anywhere there are a lot of people or gathering happenings.

Under-vehicle inspection system UVIS is used to discover threats of these explosive materials which are unobserved under the vehicles and to the eyes of people under the vicinity. Usually, a photographic device is used to capture images for the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or computerized persona inspection. The practice of inspecting the under-vehicle is not new and is now a common practice that has been adopted not only Abuja but Nigeria as a whole. In Kougar Solution, we provide the best of these devices which comes in two forms namely fixed under vehicle screening system and portable under screening system.

Fixed under vehicle screening system:

Fixed UVSS is an information management system which integrates with automatic collection of underlying vehicle image, display, and storage function. The fixed UVSS model features the imaging portion of the ground and the electric control cabinet section, They are mainly used in places such as fuel station, Customs, crowded places/activities, Jails/ prison, port, border checkpoints, entrances, and so many more. This form of UVSS provides a large field angle and highly critical protection level for the vehicles.







Portable under vehicle screening system:

Portable UVSS is an information management system which integrates with automatic collection of underlying vehicle image, display, and storage function. It has features for convenient transportation and easy integration. It’s composed of ANPR camera, display equipment, and auxiliary control equipment, the portable UVSS model has been designed to secure places such as checkpoints, hotel entrance, Important or crowded meetings places or activity areas and other places where casual inspection is needed.







Using these virtually maintenance-free devices, the under vehicle surveillance systems are available in both fixed and portable versions to protect your bottom line as well as your facility and public gathering places. With an intuitive user interface, anyone can learn to use the device. We present our UVIS, which is efficient, durable and cost-effective to battle these sticky bombs. Our VCIS detection system enables individuals and security personnel to examine their vehicle from explosive material while maintaining the security of the vehicle owner and everyone around it.

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