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Home Security

Your home is your castle. In that regard it must be properly guided. Smart home security systems has now become a necessity for every home. Kougar Solutions and Allied Services provides affordable yet, standardized home security systems such as anti burglary, fire alarms and emergency systems capable of detecting various threats.

Car Tracking and Fleet Management

These systems closely monitors and tracks drivers behavior to ensure safety levels and increase accountability. It logs all activities such as the speed at which the vehicle is driven, maneuvers like taking fast turns and braking hard. It can also log idle times and create alerts for specific events such as when a fleet driver is speeding up or has gone off the route.

Security Cameras

Kougar Solutions offers powerful HIKVISION cameras and security systems capable of capturing and recording real time events indoors and out doors in poor lighting environs using the industry-leading low-light technology. CCTV plays a significant role in deterring crimes and theft. IP cameras can be viewed from almost any location that has a computer with internet connection.

Services We Offer

We provide professional services in the following
CCTV is advancing rapidly and accommodating with all new technologies.
Safety is a very important issue in Nigeria. FIRE ALARM is a must in every house.
Everywhere in the world a backup power system is needed for any system.
The ability to closely monitor driver behavior and find opportunities to improve fleet efficiency.
Our telephone system range covers a broad variety of office communication products.
Time management and access control is very important for every organization.
Get the perfect lighting  and sound systems that bring live to the scene.
Amplifiers, pagers, speakers and professional evacuation systems.
Intruder alarms have been proved to be very useful in all areas from small apartments to large factories.
Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.
VX-Ray is a new vehicle screening system specially designed for rapid inspection of vehicles.
Is a must in Nigeria for any private house, compound and even any premises.

HIKVISION is a top choice for security Professionals in the world.

Get HIKVISION Security Systems From Kougar Solutions today



Kougar  Solutions offers complete IP surveillance system for hotel security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry-leading low-light technology.



Finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats. Kougar Solutions understands the unique needs of these industries and offer reliable solutions that you can bank on!


Shopping Malls

Malls & Supermarkets provide us with the essentials of life, supporting our families and communities’ daily living. Because of this, they are also vulnerable to subtle dangers.


Parking Lots

Kougar Solutions makes security easy. With smart features, our surveillance cameras that capture sharp color images in extremely low-light environments, recorders, and access controllers work for you, making your job easy. 



Safe public transportation is a worldwide concern, especially responding quickly to traffic accidents and guarding against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities including pickpocketing and disorderly behavior.


Street/ Traffic

Kougar Solutions is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), using Hikvision high-performance cameras for event capture,reliable embedded video terminals for event recording.

Vehicle, Baggage, and Walk-through Scanning.

A portal X-ray scanner to inspect trucks, containers and vehicles

Vehicle Scanning

The Astrophysics HXC-320 Vehicle Scanner is specifically designed to scan cars and motor vehicles with a height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.6 meters.

Baggage Scanning

Inspection systems with an increased tunnel size for screening baggage, oversized luggage, large crates, and parcels with tunnels ranging from 58.4 cm x 78.3 cm to 120 cm x 100 cm.

Cargo Scanning

Kougar Offers the TSA qualified x-ray systems from Astrophysics for cargo screening of freight and large incoming packages. Dual view and high penetration systems are available.


Kougar provides solutions for checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage.


The HI-PE Plus is a Multi-Zone Metal Detector. Accurate detection of all metals, high level of discrimination and throughput, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and immune to external interferences, having 60 pinpointing zones with high resolution and precision.

Mobile Screening

For quick and efficient security at borders, custom sites, entertainment, and sporting events. Astrophysics mobile systems from Kougar Solutions has a built in x-ray system with a tunnel size of 100cm x 100cm..


Kougar Solutions & Allied Services is the name to trust, when you think of security, vehicle scanning, fire alarms and access control management systems. You are always welcome to be part of us.