Power & Ups Systems


Everywhere in the world a backup system is needed for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). We have a long history working in this field to provide clean and reliable power meeting specific needs. We understand that institutions have specific procedures and business cycles for such acquisitions and we work hand in hand with to design and implement the best solutions.

The Importance of a power System when it comes to Advance Security Technology cannot be over emphasized; every security System needs power supply to enable them run effectively and efficiently without disruptions. We partner with Eaton to bring this to reality.

In today world, IT has become an essential part of business, thus, providing power protection to safe guard your investment and ensure continuous operation becomes vital. For this reason, we create a solution to provide you with redundancy, reliability, manageability and scalability.

We can assist you with a UPS from the size of 650VA to 500KVA.

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