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TiSO is a world class manufacturer of physical security equipment and systems. Established in 1996 TiSO designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of high security anti-ramming barriers, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and emergency doors.

TiSO is the best combination of quality, modern European design and affordable price.

Our company can offer the most effective solutions for access control market, which approved by thousands of projects all around the world. Our Partner’s products are CE-certified and successfully functioning in more than 50 countries of the world: Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, UAE, Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Russia, Malta, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Angola, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Tanzania, Tunisia, Estonia and others.

TiSO Company has in excess of 350 employees covering management, manufacturing and logistics, technical, engineering and sales to ensure that all products manufactured by TiSO comply with both local and global standards.

Tripod Turnstiles

TiSO tripod turnstile gate is a perfect fit when space is at a premium such as small entrances or corridors. It is controlled by a variety of access control and ID solutions, including biometrics, card readers, barcode or qr scanners as well as manually via the control pad.

Twix Centurion Twin Skull
Swing gates

TiSO automatic gates enable access of wheelchair users and oversized belonigns, as well as free emergency evacuation. Swing gate turnstile mostly used as an addition to installed tripod turnstiles in order to ensure availability of above mentioned functionality.

Automatic gate systems can be controlled through variety of access control and ID solutions, including biometrics, card readers, barcode or qr scanners as well as manually via the control pad.

Gate-GS Slim Gate-GS Gate-TTS
Gate-GS-Slim-Swing-gates-kougar-solutions Gate-GS-Swing-gates-kougar-solutions Gate-TTS-Swing-gates-kougar-solutions
Half height turnstiles

TiSO half height turnstiles range presents variety of solutions integrated security systems of basic level, both indoors and ourdoors application. As a common, this type of a turnstile gate consists of guiding fences, rotating column in the middle, and wings.

Depending on type of waist height turnstile access control system you may make a choice between metal or glass wings, three or four tunrtile door modifications, outside or inside application.

Star-TS Star-GS Cyclone
Star-TS-Half-height-turnstiles-kougar-solutions Star-GS-Half-height-turnstiles-kougar-solutions Cyclone Half height turnstiles kougar solutions
Speed gates

Elegant design, stainless steel housing in combination with availability of glass, stone, and wood surfaces make these half h turnstiles very stylish. The turnstiles are equipped with optical sensors (also known as photocells) which allow to prevent unauthorized access as well as serve intensive authorized pedestrian access.

SpeedBlade (500mm) Sweeper (500mm) Jetpan
Full height turnstiles

TiSO full-height turnstiles is another type of pedestrian barriers. Largely these security doors are used for outdoor application within project of highest security / vandal proof requirements. Herewith indoor application also can be considered. The range of security gates includes both single and space saving double lane modifications. Solutions for wheelchair, bycicle, or large belonigns passing. Also, customer is able to make a decision based on drive principle: ecletro mechanical, motorized, or fully mechanical.


Sesame GlassGO Bicyclone
Revolving doors
Road Blocking Systems
Traffic bollards
Traffic Fixed Bollards Traffic Removable Bollards Traffic Automatic Bollards
TiSO standard range of fixed parking bollards are widely used as static barriers to provide vehicle access control and parking management of secured areas. A wide range of different models are available to suit most urban architectural designs. TiSO range of traffic removable bollards are an ideal low-cost solution for controlling vehicle access when there is light traffic movement. The main advantage of such models determined by mobility which provides free driveway in case of necessity. The range of TiSO automatic traffic bollards include two types:

  1. Blocking segment with built-in hydraulic unit and outside PLC;
  2. Blocking segment with an external control box including HPU and PLC.
High security bollards
M50 High Security Fixed Bollard Automatic Bollards
TiSO high security fixed and removable bollards are the most cost-effective solution for preventing unauthorized vehicle access. TiSO high security automatic (hydraulic) bollards are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles access to secure areas and to provide the highest level of antiterrorism protection. Generally, this type of equipment is installed at high risk sites where maximum protection to the public and assets are required.
Cyclope Series
City-light Cyclope M30/40/50 High Security Cyclope Series
This type of equipment is designed to manage pedestrian friendly vehicle access control. Cyclopes does not require a deep installation depth. The blocking segment is operated from an external control box with the HPU and PLC. Interconnection between the two elements is provided via the interconnected power and oil hoses.
SpeedBump Series
City-light Speedbump M30 High security speedbump High-security mobile speedbump
Its main advantage is that it can be installed above ground offering rapid deployment without the need for extensive groundworks.

There are different sizes available in the City-Light Speedbump range subject to the blocking width required.

TiSO M30 high security Speedbumps has been manufactured and tested to withstand and protect against vehicle ramming.

A comprehensive range of blocking widths, together with customised options are also available.

  • Full mobility of crash-rated, automatic wedge barrier;
  • Easy application: setting up within 10 minutes: simply by delivering to the site → unloading → plug in to the power;
  • No civil works required: no anchors/no bolts.
Road blockers
M30/40/50 high security road blocker series

TiSO M30 high security Road Blockers offer the highest level of vehicle anti ramming protection. Engineered and designed to prevent unauthorised access of vehicles to a secured area, this equipment has been tested to withstand high speed impact from heavy goods vehicles.

Available in standard blocking widths of 2-4 meters, the customer also has the option for other combinations of modules to suit variable driveway/road widths.

M30/40/50 high security road blocker series


Mechanical tire-killers Automatic tire-killer (bi-directional)
TiSO mechanical Tire-Killers are an ideal solution for vehicle access control when a power supply is unavailable.

Available in a variety of blocking widths and spike lengths (standard 80 mm or 170 mm), as well optional installation configurations: surface / above ground or submerged to ground level.

TiSO Automatic Tire-Killers are an economical and efficient solution for vehicle access control management.

The built-in hydraulic unit makes this product suitable for installations in severe climate conditions, as well as for projects which require large distances (up to 100 m) between the PLC and the blocking segment.

Boom Barriers

TiSO automatic Boom Barriers are a fully automated solutions for controlling the access of cars to a protected area. Housing of boom barrier is available in different RAL colors. High speed of operation makes arm barriers providing high territory security. It should be installed nearby exit /entrance gates and operates in complex with a parking system devices to provide high security access.

Boom Barrier
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