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When you hear the word fleet, what comes to mind is a range of automobiles such as cars, ships, airplanes, etc you can name them, all coming together to serve a given purpose, it could be for personal use to show the luxurious lifestyle of the owner, for the purpose of providing a service that will serve as a form of income generator to the owner of such fleet which is an asset or even to serve as a mode of transporting perishable and non perishable good. Let us see what the word fleet management entails.

Fleet Management

navleb vehicle tracking system abuja lagos Nigeria

According to Wikipedia, Fleet management is the management of Commercialized motor vehicles such as Aviation machinery aircraft (planes and helicopter), cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles, trailers and Private vehicles used for purposes it s been procured for. Fleet management comes with a lot of advantages which includes Vehicle management, financing, tracking and diagnostics, the driving and speed management of the driver behind the wheels of the vehicle, minimizing of fuel consumption of the vehicle, and ensuring the health and safety of the staff of the company. Fleet management is a sure bet that will minimize the risk of vehicle business ventures which will thereby promote productivity, the working efficiency of the vehicle and reduce cost due to vehicle repairs and staff costs. Lets us go over some of these operations that are seen in fleet management.

Vehicle tracking and diagnostics

This is the component of fleet management that is well known, vehicle tracking is done with the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS), its work is to track the vehicle in any part of the world or geographical location it is position at all given times. And this is using a real-time update to the operator of the GPS, giving the operator the ability to locate the whereabouts of such vehicle in the map. Not only does fleet management aid in vehicle location tracking, it also helps in diagnosing the mechanical working of the vehicle and help to keep track of fuel consumption and the working of the vehicle engines and all this is done with the use of a software designed for that purpose.

Disabling of a Vehicle system

This is mostly used as a security measure in times of theft, the vehicle will have a software installed into it that gives the owner the ability to disable and the functionalities of the car using a remote control, this can be a very scary sight to the car thief because the car will automatically shut itself down and trap the person inside the car with no warning, giving the owner of the car enough time to locate the car and also notify the authorities, with this disabling software, it will reduce the amount of car robbery in the country.

Vehicle and Driver Management

Here, it helps to determine the behavior of the driver on transit, it helps to see if the driver is driving in the required speed limit that is to say they are not over speeding and it also helps to give the profile of the driver behind the wheels and in terms of the vehicle, it helps in vehicle maintenance, staffing of the company and altogether the day to day happenings of the company, giving the owner enough time to concentrate on the logistic bookings

In Nigeria today, there is a need for fleet management as there are a lot of transport companies that are thriving in the country, the transport business is currently said to be one of the best investment to venture into in Nigeria, transportation business is on its own a gold mine with the rate of people travelling across states in the country. Fleet management as we know it is mostly devised where a transportation company or business has more than vehicles in use that serves a given purpose for the company or business. NavLeb is a company that originated from Lebanon and is currently operating in Nigeria under the company name KougarSolutions and Allied Services Limited.

The Company provides advanced and accurate GPS tracking devices with real-time Fleet and Asset Management solution. Its fleet management services facilitate all automobile procurement, vehicle maintenance and repairs, automobile replacement/disposal and lifecycle management, car tracking and the monitoring of all logistics, operations, functions, regulations and compliance requirements for health and safety thereby giving maximum service value and lowering the expenses of maintaining the fleet. With this effective fleet management service provider, the risks inherent in operating many vehicles are reduced while the transportation costs are kept to a minimum capital budget.

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