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Distributors of TISCO Anti-ram Bollards in Lagos Abuja – Application of Bollards for Road blocks and Security Measures

Bollards are the small post we usually see on the street or security checkpoints; they are usually made from metals, plastics, concretes and other substances out there. Tisco Bollards has its feature as a short, thick post. They are physical safety barrier posts you normally notice the around storefronts, highways or roads, shopping malls,  pedestrian walkway, car parking lots and even more. You most likely see them at security check post or drive through or in some cases a toll gate; they come in different colours but usually, the colours used comes as red, black, yellow, ash and stainless steels are more prominent. They are poles that keep you from getting too close to the drive-through window or prevent get away criminals running away from the authorities. They can also be barriers that prevent you from driving your vehicle onto a pedestrian walking path. Also, they are anti-car ram that prevents car owners from ramming into a building.

Most people that visit Shoprite in Nigeria, and go through the parking lot, you can always see it there as it’s the guard that keep drivers from veering into oncoming cars while exiting the parking lot.

Most of the bollards used do come in different types namely, removable bollards, fixed bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, manual retractable bollards.

The listed Bollards above generally fall into three types of which it’s used:

Decorative Bollards – decorative bollards as the name entails are used for decorating buildings and landscaping, and along with that providing security while guiding the walk path and traffic.

Traffic and Safety Bollards – These bollards are mainly used as an asset for pedestrian safety, as well as guiding the traffic direction, which prevents vehicles from straying out of the main road to the pedestrian walkway.

Security Bollards and Post Covers – Unlike decorative and traffic and safety bollards, these bollards are a highly impact-resistant bollard enhancement that prevents people who are trying to speed past a security post. They are used as security measures in these checkpoints.

Benefits of Bollards

Prevents car owners from mounting the pedestrian curb while parking – Most car owners when they park on the roadside they tend to also park by the side of the road and still go overboard by climbing the curb, but with the installation of the bollard, the car owner will be forced to park accordingly.

Increases pedestrian safety on the walkways – it is said that you will be safe as a pedestrian if you use the pedestrian walkway, but in some cases, some cyclist do not adhere to the traffic rules and would want to use the sidewalk to avoid traffic or to move faster when they are in a haste, but with the help of these bollards, it will prevent them from accessing the walkways.

Improves traffic management – Bollards play a great part in traffic management. From traffic diversions, road closures and semi-closures all require the use of bollards

Security for buildings and infrastructures – Bollards also can be used as a security measure for protecting buildings situated along the roadside. There are scenarios where we see reckless drivers ram into buildings thereby destroying the properties or causing great damage that might even result to loss of life but with the presence of these bollards, it will rescue the case of cars ramming into the buildings.

Decorative aesthetics for it surrounding – bollards can also be used for beautifying the surroundings of a place or landscape, these are normally called ornamental bollards, for they don’t only provide security to the surrounding but also add a beautifying effect to the surrounding it’s being installed.

Here in Kougar Solutions, we provide all the best bollards, anti-ram car stoppers in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. We ensure you get the best of these bollards that will suit whatever use for a need for the application of these bollards, we have the license to supply TISCO bollards giving you the best quality and customer service.  Our bollards range from Traffic Removable Bollards, Traffic Fixed Bollards, Automatic Bollards, they are durable, efficient with high quality.
You can never go wrong with the Service we provide to you. In Abuja, our company is your best bet of getting a qualitative installation job at a very affordable price and our staffs are experts in the field that are highly experienced and they oversee that the jobs are done to the satisfaction of our customers.
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Power and back up systems: Power when you need it- tips for 247 power- Kougar Solutions and Allied Services

Gone are the days when individuals, Organizations and Companies are assured of relying on Government for 247 power provision. A power outage also known as power blackout is one of the challenges faced by Various Institutions and Working-class individuals in their pursuit for achieving bulk output of their services and products. Various organizational tasks or individual tasks cannot be achieved and successfully executed without the availability of 247 power supply.

Power Backup Systems are been used recently as alternative to providing 247 power supply for Companies and Organizations. The importance of Power Systems cannot be overemphasized. Most Industries use power for various manufacturing processes, Commercial buildings like schools, churches and hospitals, shopping malls, hotels etc also use power to run their daily activities efficiently and effectively. Gadgets like laptops, phones, batteries, MP4s, and other appliances all run on power supply and any interruption might lead to their power cut.



Here’s a few Tips on how you can create a 247 uninterrupted power system:

  1. Solar System: This is the kind of Power generated from sunlight. The solar panels work through the help of an inverter technology, absorbing sunlight to generate direct current which is finally converted to usable alternating current.
  2. Inverter System: Before your head starts spinning on the difference between solar and inverter, please read this first. The inverter is a system that is used to store energy when there’s power supply maybe from the national gridor Your Generator. What this system does is to store energy in a battery and start using it up once there’s a blackout.
  3. Generator: This system is responsible for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Its energy is supplied by fossil fuels such as coal, biomass or natural gas.
  4. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical device that provides a backup power to a load when the input energy source flops. A UPS provides protection to workstations, data centers, telecommunication equipments or other electrical apparatus where an unanticipated power interruption could cause data damage, fatalities and serious business interference. Let’s take a look at the types of UPS.


Types Of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Ø  Standby UPS: This UPS is mostly used for personal computers and in Office spaces. It is also called an Offline UPS, and is the most common type of UPS. Once it detects a power letdown, It pulls current from the Alternating Circuit channel and switches to battery within a few milliseconds. Some of the benefits of Standby UPS are high efficiency, Low cost and small size.

Ø  Line Interactive UPS: The line interactive UPS is the most common scheme used by small industries, Organizations, Network, and departmental servers. This type of UPS allows constant under-voltage brownouts and over-current rushes without consuming the inadequate backup battery energy. The line-interactive UPS is similar to a standby UPS, but it comes with a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer- used to adjust the current of transmission lines, and also to convert voltages when the primary to secondary ratio is near to unity.

Where To Get Good UPS?

There are lots of outlets promising good-cheap power and backup systems yet various small businesses, companies, firms and organizations are still faced with the challenge of power failure and interruption. Solving this problem can only be achieved by a well trusted Power Agency or Company with good number of years of e and testimonials attached to their Works. One of Such Companies is the Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services.

Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services have a long history working in this field to deliver clean and consistent power, by meeting precise needs of any Organization. Kougar works hand in hand with institutions to plan and execute the best solutions. To get in touch with Kougar, please click  here.

I am Glad you read this article to this point and I will be excited  to hear in the near-future that you have been able to overcome the challenge of power failure and blackout in your business, home, office or Organization.


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Hikvision Distributors in Abuja Lagos Nigeria : Best Services, Solutions and Installation 

Hikvision Digital Technology Company is the number one trusted CCTV security service provider in Nigeria. They are the world’s largest CCTV supplier and the company specializes in CCTV technology, designing and manufacturing an entire range of innovative series of cameras and DVRs to video management software. Hikvision provides Video surveillance security such as CCTV home security, CCTV for office, CCTV establishment benefit and CCTV items deals. They have distributors which convey these security items directly from the company.

Hikvision Nigeria – CCTV installation/Maintenance and Access Control System, Authorized Dealers in Nigeria

Kougar Solutions is the HIKVISION Authorized distributor in Nigeria, we provide a wide range of IT and Security solutions such as CCTV camera, Access Control System and products, under vehicle screening system (UVSS), Hikvision Drones, IP Cameras, NVRs, and DVRs etc. Our Hikvision products and services are designed to meet the best quality standards and we have a durable and reliable safety feature that goes along with our product and services. From the extremely uncomplicated video security surveillance task to large integrated access control system solutions.

As a leading Hikvision Distributor in Nigeria, Kougar Solution gives you the best Hikvision products right from the company, since the company is undoubtedly the world’s leading authority in video surveillance technologies. One of the main advantages of Hikvision is their design which is very helpful to customers and installers. It is very easy to operate and understand and does not require any IT specialization for its operation.

                                                  CCTV and Access control SystemCCTV Camera services in abuja lagos nigeria 


Our Hikvision product includes

  • Indoor Cameras (Dome)
  • Outdoor Cameras (Mini-Bullets & Bullets)
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Fish eye panoramic camera
  • Fixed under vehicle screening system
  • Portable under vehicle screening system
  • Network Access Controller
  • Master and Distributed Access Controller
  • Access Control Devices
  • Hikvision Drones
  • Control Room Monitors
  • High-End NVR
  • IP configured cameras (Speed Dome Cameras, IR Bullet & IR / HD Dome Cameras) etc


Kougar Solutions is sure to provide and deliver the best technology to meet the challenges of the modern business world. Hikvision CCTV Camera in Nigeria has been rated as the best and fast moving product in the CCTV Surveillance Products and we are your best distribution quality channel for getting these products.

Apart from our Hikvision video surveillance product and services, Kougar Solutions also provide other range of security products and services, which can be best utilized for Security Solution Project in Nigeria. As a HIKVISION Distributor in Nigeria, we offer Best Prices for all CCTV video surveillance services in Nigeria for our channel partners as well as our customer.







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navleb vehicle tracking system abuja lagos Nigeria
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Navleb Fleet Management Services in Nigeria: Kougar Solutions

navleb vehicle tracking system solution services abuja lagos nigeria

When you hear the word fleet, what comes to mind is a range of automobiles such as cars, ships, airplanes, etc you can name them, all coming together to serve a given purpose, it could be for personal use to show the luxurious lifestyle of the owner, for the purpose of providing a service that will serve as a form of income generator to the owner of such fleet which is an asset or even to serve as a mode of transporting perishable and non perishable good. Let us see what the word fleet management entails.

Fleet Management

navleb vehicle tracking system abuja lagos Nigeria

According to Wikipedia, Fleet management is the management of Commercialized motor vehicles such as Aviation machinery aircraft (planes and helicopter), cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles, trailers and Private vehicles used for purposes it s been procured for. Fleet management comes with a lot of advantages which includes Vehicle management, financing, tracking and diagnostics, the driving and speed management of the driver behind the wheels of the vehicle, minimizing of fuel consumption of the vehicle, and ensuring the health and safety of the staff of the company. Fleet management is a sure bet that will minimize the risk of vehicle business ventures which will thereby promote productivity, the working efficiency of the vehicle and reduce cost due to vehicle repairs and staff costs. Lets us go over some of these operations that are seen in fleet management.

Vehicle tracking and diagnostics

This is the component of fleet management that is well known, vehicle tracking is done with the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS), its work is to track the vehicle in any part of the world or geographical location it is position at all given times. And this is using a real-time update to the operator of the GPS, giving the operator the ability to locate the whereabouts of such vehicle in the map. Not only does fleet management aid in vehicle location tracking, it also helps in diagnosing the mechanical working of the vehicle and help to keep track of fuel consumption and the working of the vehicle engines and all this is done with the use of a software designed for that purpose.

Disabling of a Vehicle system

This is mostly used as a security measure in times of theft, the vehicle will have a software installed into it that gives the owner the ability to disable and the functionalities of the car using a remote control, this can be a very scary sight to the car thief because the car will automatically shut itself down and trap the person inside the car with no warning, giving the owner of the car enough time to locate the car and also notify the authorities, with this disabling software, it will reduce the amount of car robbery in the country.

Vehicle and Driver Management

Here, it helps to determine the behavior of the driver on transit, it helps to see if the driver is driving in the required speed limit that is to say they are not over speeding and it also helps to give the profile of the driver behind the wheels and in terms of the vehicle, it helps in vehicle maintenance, staffing of the company and altogether the day to day happenings of the company, giving the owner enough time to concentrate on the logistic bookings

In Nigeria today, there is a need for fleet management as there are a lot of transport companies that are thriving in the country, the transport business is currently said to be one of the best investment to venture into in Nigeria, transportation business is on its own a gold mine with the rate of people travelling across states in the country. Fleet management as we know it is mostly devised where a transportation company or business has more than vehicles in use that serves a given purpose for the company or business. NavLeb is a company that originated from Lebanon and is currently operating in Nigeria under the company name KougarSolutions and Allied Services Limited.

The Company provides advanced and accurate GPS tracking devices with real-time Fleet and Asset Management solution. Its fleet management services facilitate all automobile procurement, vehicle maintenance and repairs, automobile replacement/disposal and lifecycle management, car tracking and the monitoring of all logistics, operations, functions, regulations and compliance requirements for health and safety thereby giving maximum service value and lowering the expenses of maintaining the fleet. With this effective fleet management service provider, the risks inherent in operating many vehicles are reduced while the transportation costs are kept to a minimum capital budget.

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Kougar solutions CCTV camera installation services in abuja lagos Nigeria
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CCTV services companies in Abuja Nigeria

Thinking about about CCTV Installation for your home, office or company? In this article we will examine what it takes to choose a CCTV service provider in Nigeria.

CCTV Service: Thinking about buying off the shelf?

In this write up, we’d like to give you the facts on choosing the best CCTV service/camera/providers and installers for your business. As a service provider, we appreciate every business has different security needs. You may require a simple door entry CCTV camera or something more high tech like number plate recognition for your business. With this in mind, we felt it fair to look into smart off the shelf CCTV alternatives, to see if they have a place in your business.

Here are 10 Types of Cameras You Might Want To Choosesurveillance security camera in abuja nigeria

  1. Bullet Type Cameras are designed for capturing images in a fixed area. These cameras are recognized by their thin and cylindrical design. There are also classifications of Ultra Bullet distinguished by their smaller size and cheaper price.
  2. Dome Cameras, named after the shape of their housing are designed for in-store installations. It works in two ways as it is unobtrusive but visible, thus, it warns people that the area is protected by a CCTV network and gives comfort to its clients for its security.
  3. Discreet CCTVs are cameras in disguise, they could look like a fan or any other thing that would not seem suspicious in the area.
  4. Infrared Cameras are designed for evening lookouts. It captures images with the help of its infrared lighting surrounding its lens.
  5. Day/Night Types are used for 24/7 installation, these cameras compensate light conditions with its wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight.
  6. Varifocal Cameras are designed to allow zooming in and out without losing focus on the image.
  7. Network Cameras allow transmission of images through the internet with controlled bandwidth.
  8. Wireless cameras are cameras that may or may not be connected to the internet. These cameras use signalling devices to transmit images from camera to viewing area.
  9. PTZ Cameras or pan-tilt-zoom are cameras that can moved. There are variations of these cameras that are programmable and are manually controllable. This allows viewers to have more freedom and control on viewing things.
  10. High definition cameras are often used in casinos or high risk establishment. With its high resolution lens, capturing images are possible giving viewers a finer detail on taken images
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Next we want to discuss how to choose a CCTV Installer in Nigeria

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a CCTV Installer in Abuja, Nigeria

CCTV installation, there’s a lot to it and not all CCTV installers are created equal! Our guide to choosing a CCTV installer helps demystify the  process, what to  look out for and some tips, so that you end up with a system that meets the goals you set out to achieve. Whether you are protecting your home and family or business and staff, it’s important to choose a professional installer that provides high quality equipment. Here are the things you need to look out for?

  1.  Assess Your Security Needs: What type of cameras will you be needing?
  2.  Accreditation / Certification: Kougar Solutions is accredited dealers of Hikvision and other top brands
  3. Good Communication: Well support staff systemcctv companies in abuja
  4. Physical Office or Shop
  5. Reviews and What do Others Think?
  6. CCTV Costs: Check out or customer service system for pricing
  7. Site Survey and Estimates
  8.  Design Specification/ Proposal
  9. Flexibility of Booking Installation
  10. Warranty: Ensure you choose an installer with a product warranty. We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all hardware.
  11. After-Sales and Technical Support: Ensure your CCTV installer offers after-sales and technical support.
  12. Maintenance Plans.

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Fire Alarm System Providers-Installers in Abuja Nigeria

What is the fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system is number of devices working together to detect and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke/fire is present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors, and heat detectors.

Fire Alarm Solutions and Services in Abuja Lagos Nigeria

What is a fully addressable fire alarm system?

An addressable fire alarm system is made up of a series of fire detectors and devices that are connected back to a central control panel. With addressable systems, each device has an address or location, enabling the exact detector that was triggered to be quickly identified.

Top Fire Alarm companies installation in abuja nigeria

How does a smoke detector work?
How they work: Ionization-type smoke alarms have a small amount of radioactive material between two electrically charged plates, which ionizes the air and causes current to flow between the plates. When smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts the flow of ions, thus reducing the flow of current and activating the alarm.

Fire Alarm System Services in Abuja Lagos Nigeria


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