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CCTV Surveillance System: What You Need To Know About Design, Installation And Support

CCTV is an acronym that stands for Closed-Circuit Television. With CCTV you are able to fast-track all activities going on around your business, home, workplace or any kind of building like banks, hospitals, schools, boutiques and others you would want to monitor. This System allows you view live happenings and then stores them as a footage for reference purposes. CCTV varies from airing television in that the signal is not openly transmitted but only conveys footage received from cameras installed in the premises.

Kougar solutions CCTV camera installation services in abuja lagos Nigeria


Knowing what and how to create a good design for your CCTV installation is one out of many things you need to know about CCTV System installation. To create your own design, you are to decide on the major sections of your home or company you want to mount this Systems. Indoor applications are fairly easy to design than outdoors, this is because of some environmental factors like rain, humidity etc. You can make a drawing of the most important areas of your building you want to monitor, reason is ; it’s very expensive to monitor every square inch of your building. Also ensure that each area provides the best view and is not obstructed by anything. Some of the areas may include your Off-street windows, driveway, staircase, front door, back door, store rooms etc.

The next thing to do after design is to take note of the various components of CCTV system. These components are things you will need to assembly together, set up and have your system running. Some of these components are:

Security Cameras: These cameras are of different types with different features. Some of the cameras are bullet camera, PTZ camera, dome camera, convert camera, fish eye panoramic camera etc. It is important to understand the different designs of these cameras, their application and mounting options. This is why the expertise of a CCTV installation Company is required. Kougar Solutions Limited are well grounded in the handling, design and installation of CCTV Surveillance System. They help you chose the best Security camera in terms of resolution, mounting options, lens type, power type and also the one that meets installation requirements.

DVR or digital video recorder: The DVR is known as Digital Video Recorder. This is responsible for taking all the camera inputs, then organize them for live viewing on the screen and also stores a copy onto the hard drive for future viewing. The DVR will come with software pre-loaded that allows you manage and construct each security camera separately. Also Note that not all DVR products are the same. They differ in their recording speed, storage and even Warranties. So it is essential to choose the DVR that will support the number of security cameras you are designing to install. Kougar Solutions Offer DVR with 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations which are suitable for 4, 8 or 16 cameras respectively. Their DVR always come with strong Warranties which is an added benefit if you buy from them. Another alternative to DVR is Network Video Recoders.


Cables: The CCTV cable is used to connect security cameras to DVR and their required power supply. Most professional Installers like Kougar Solutions Limited use BNC connector for their installations. The cable supplies about 12volt power to the camera.  The camera should have a DC plug at the end while the DVR should have a DC socket into which there will be supply of 12 volt power.


BNC Connectors: The BNC connectors are used for composite video on commercial video devices. They are used for installation between the Coaxial cable , security cameras and DVR. Some great features of BNC connectors are ; they are strong and are common for high bandwidth video applications. Usually the male connector is fitted to a CCTV cable, the female BNC connectors are the back of Security cameras and DVR can then be connected to the panel.


CCTV Power Supply: This powers the security cameras. They are of different power types offering different voltage strengths, so you are to decide on the amount and type of power your Surveillance system needs. CCTV power supplies are available in 24VAC and 12VDC power types and also in single, 4, 9, and 16 camera configurations. They are also easy to install, conserve, with very long lasting durability.

Other Tools: there are other tools required for CCTV Survillance System installation and they Hammer, Plier, Multi meter (for measuring current, resistance etc),  wire cutter,  nose plier, LAN tester ( for CAT5 and CAT6 cable testing), screw driver, LAN Crimping tool, aligner (for connecting CCTV cable to BNC Connector), Hexa blade, Drill bits ( for drilling holes), cleaning brush, measuring tape, CCTV test monitor ( for checking camera operation)and Drill machine.


 Improved Security: If you have seen a typical Western movie (Hollywood), you would have noticed how these government and private owned companies use Surveillance system to monitor all the activities going on around and within their premises in order to secure their assets and valuables. Now this is not just limited to big companies alone, homes and various small businesses are also suffering security breaches, that’s why it’s advisable to set up a CCTV Surveillance system.

Security cameras are able to transfer data with little to no interference, even if the data is being transmitted wirelessly. Many of the Security cameras on the market have encryption proficiencies and the data is encrypted before it is transmitted.



No one enjoys spending money on what is not efficient or that which cannot deliver. People tend to drift towards gadgets and technologies that work well in order to save money and time. IP surveillance cameras are ran through POE (power over Ethernet) connecters that have been constructed into the camera. They can be driven through an Ethernet cable, which makes them more effective with the use of power and also with the use of space. This is the reason why they are chosen over analog CCTV cameras because analog CCTV cameras use a lot of energy.


Advanced Image Resolution

People invest in surveillance cameras because they want to be able to have a visual record of activities that might have happened in their absence. IP cameras are capable of providing these features like having up to 5megapixels compared to their counterpart Analog cameras. Their images are of high quality, they is the very reason why they are used as evidence for crime cases and other cases.


In summary, the role of CCTV surveillance Sytem in providing strong security measures cannot be over-emphasized. In case you find anything difficult about design and installation of CCTV Survillance System, please reach out to KOUGAR SOLUTIONS LIMITED .














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Alarm System -Intrusion, Smoke, Fire: Make The Most Of Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services

If you are wondering what this topic is all about, do not worry. Just take a visit with me as we reveal and uncover every bit of this topic to a basic level.


What’s an Alarm System?

An Alarm System is just a machine setup consisting of various sensors that fuction to dectect any form of unauthorized access into a building such as offfices, banks, schools, hospitals, churches, market arena etc. Let’s break it down more; if you visit banking halls regularly, you get to understand that sometimes when you enter their mantrap (entrance door), a voice warns you to go back and remove any metals on you, you remember right? That’s how an alarm system works! Alarm Systems are not limited to just buildings alone. They can be used in cars also.

Components of An Alarm System?

This comprises of things assembled together to create a functioning Alarm System. Some of them are Keypads, Interconnections, Alerting Devices, Sensors and Control Panel. Let’s discuss each one specifically.

  1. Keypads: Theyare small gadgets that function as the user interface (interaction between the device and human). They also appear as indicator light which are wall-mounted.
  2. Interconnections:These are connections between the components of the system. It can be direct wiring or wireless connections.
  3. Alerting Devices:The devices found here are sirens, flashing lights and bells. There purpose includes warning of property owners of forceful entries, fire condition, smoke condition and also scaring off of thiefs.
  4. Sensors:The sensor serves as an organ that detects any external attack. They are mostly placed at doors and windows for proper monitoring of Sound, interruption, movements and vibration.

How To Set Up An Alarm System?

Setting Up an Alarm System requires the expertise of an experienced professional. Not everyone can set up an alarm system, that’s why it’s advisable to seek the services of an Installation-security solutions company. Most Organizations would prefer to hire one but if you do not own a company and wish to install alarm system in your home or school, you might need to check Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services.


What Does Kougar Solutions Do?

Kougar Solutions belong to a group of Companies in the Middle East (MTCO Ltd, A-Z Solutions, Jason Global Concept Ltd). They are best known for their role in eradication of Security Threats Globally through the application of Advanced Security Softwares and Technologies.

What Services Does Kougar Provide?

Their list of Services are :


  1. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS: For Fire conditions, Kougar provides you with fire alarm systems, helps us set up and ensures your safety is guaranteed.
  2. PBX SYSTEM: This covers a broad variety of office communication products.
  3. TIME ATTENDANCE & ACCESS CONTROL : This is used in managing time and access control for various Organizations.
  4. CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS: They are used in preventing crimes, protecting employees, settling disputes, keeping accounts and inspiring self-reliance.
  5. VEHICLE TRACKING & FLEET MANAGEMENT: This thoroughly monitors drivers and tracks their activities to ensure their accountability while boosting their safety. It takes into record all the happenings such slamming on the brakes, the speed of the moving car and taking fast turns.
  6. INTRUSION ALARM SYSTEM: This System is aimed to identify intrusion – unapproved access into a building or area. When coupled with a television surveillance system, it automatically records the activities of systems to automatically record the activities of buglars, trespassers, and intruders.
  7. PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL: Access Control Systems function to secure entrances. It can come in different forms such as Access cards, identification and authentication of personnel Devices, Voice recognition, Biometric access control (using fingerprints), Passwords, etc.
  8. ELECTRICAL FENCING SOLUTION: A Fence is a barrier or structure that provides buildings with security by restricting access to intruders and forbidden individuals. Electric fences use solar-powered batteries, and are capable of producing voltage shock when in contact with people and animals by converting energies gotten from the sun into high voltage pulses. Once there is a contact they serve as the endpoint for completing a circuit (electric cycle) thus directing a large energy which will result to a jolt to that person or animal in contact.

Other Services run by Kougar include Public Address System, Professional Lighting & Sound Systems, Baggage & Walkthrough Scanners Etc. In case you want to check them out yourself, follow this link and make all your inquiries.


In Conclusion, I hope by now you have acknowledged various importance of having an Alarm System not just in your Organizations but also in your homes, cars and various properties of high Importance.

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Security And Allied Consulting Services : Solutions, Products And Gadgets For Individuals And Companies

Security Services are those services that guarantee protection against threats. This is mostly associated with information technology and the telecommunication service. Though it can still be extended to services put in place in order to keep people out of danger in public spaces. Security services is a broad scope encompassing areas like Cyber and information security, physical security engineering, Guard services, Technical security, Asset protection, Executive or Close Protection etc. Security Services are needed also in places like shopping malls, airports, hospitals, offices, schools, churches, banks, commercial market, public transport companies etc.

Security services applies various methods to protect the transfer of data between two interconnecting systems provided by several interconnecting open systems. Internet security is another branch of security aimed at providing measures to prevent risk of intrusion such as online viruses, Trojans, worms, phishing etc associated with data exchange.



Access control – This prevents access to data from unauthorized sources. The data or information can only be used and accessed by those with permission of the OSI model. Such data is protected from being read, re-written or deleted by unlicensed sources.


Data Confidentiality – This protects data from being released without approval. With this service you can protect the information of all users on a connection, protect the confidentiality of selected fields within the user data in a single data block. This can also be extended to securing information in cases where there’s a heavy stream of traffic to a particular data source.


Authentication – This is for identification of a unit accessing the data, just to ensure the connecting entity is actually what it claims to be. There are basically two types of authentication:

Peer Entity Authentication is used alongside a logical connection to provide identity confidence of the connected unit

Data Origin Authentication is used in a connectionless transfer to identify and confirm that the source of data received is as claimed.


Data Integrity – Data integrity is the consistency and accuracy of data over its lifecycle. This means that data sets should remain unaltered even after some modifications or updates have been made in the database. This ensures that data received are just as sent by a certified entity without any deletion, insertion or modification.


Experienced Services

Getting services from an experienced security-solution company is the first step to setting up your own security measures. They assist you in setting up security systems and installation of various gadgets, products and solutions. Kougar has a reputation in security services and have been in the business for years. They also help you design security systems for the people working in your organizations.


GPS Tracking System – This system is used for tracking locations, can be used in emergency cases to track accident scenes, prevents theft of vehicles, for finding routes, for tracking fleets and for mapping and surveying.

IP Camera – This is referred to as internet protocol camera that requires internet-based network connection, used for video monitoring of ongoing operations around your company. It helps protect your property from theft and break-ins by authorized trespassers. In cases of burglary, it can be used to identify the culprits through stored footage.

Electronic Security Systems – This system comprises of various equipments that can execute security operations. They include mechanical gears, access control, surveillance systems and alarm systems that are linked to a facility for the sole purpose of providing security functios.

Network access control (NAC) – This is a security solution that controls how your data is accessed. They are important tools used for cybersecurity by organisations. It gives you visibily to who is assessing your network, where they are assessing it from, how they are assessing it and when they assessed it. It also restricts network access to unauthenticated, unlicensed and non-compliant devices from entering the network. They ensure the devices meet the required security necessities before granting them access.

Firewalls – This system is designed to protect against unauthorized logins or entry from a private network. This ensures that all information entering or leaving the Network is analyzed and invariably blocks those who do not meet the needed security requirements. It’s capable of blocking URL and IP ranges in order to protect data from security breaks.

Digital Safe Lockers – They are advanced forms of traditional lock. This advanced safe uses a keypad and PIN as a means of access. It requires punching of a sequence of correct numbers for accessing your valuables if not access will be denied. They provide security solution by preventing access by unauthorized persons.

Data loss protection (DLP) – This is a security solution that businesses and companies use to protect their data from leakage or theft which can cause extreme damage to their business assets. Some of the Solutions include encryption, classification, monitoring, and policy enforcement. With this Security Solution activities of hackers can be detected. DLP safeguards private and critical data, so that unapproved users cannot maliciously share data which would put the business at a threat.

Endpoint protection – This refers to a System that’s set out for securing end-user devices like Laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. If your enterprise encourages BYOD (bring your own device) or provides WIFI networks for connection by end-users, then Endpoint protection is surely what you need to protect against viruses, malware, worms and malicious activities. They can also be combined with fiewalls for maximum security.


Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) – These systems work by monitoring, identifying and detecting all possible threats existing on your network. The IPS is an advanced machinery and sits directly behind the firewall monitoring all network traffic flow to prevent data exposure. With available IPS reports, Security administrators can take up precautionary actions to shut down access points and design firewalls to prevent upcoming attacks. IPS is a deep analysis tool for security solutions.


For further inquiries on this topic, kindly visit our website here

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In this modern time, it is much easier to secure entrances using access control systems. These access controls can come in different forms such as Biometric access control (using fingerprints), Access cards, Voice recognition, Passwords, identification and authentication of personnel Devices, etc. There are two types of access control which the above fall under which is physical and logical access control. Physical access control limits access to school, corporate buildings, rooms, physical IT structures etc, while Logical access control limits connections to computer networks (Main server rooms), important system files and data.

Kougar Solutions have successfully installed integrated physical access control systems such as road blockers, pedestrian gates, turnstiles, road blocking systems, revolving doors, speed gates, tire killers, boom barriers etc.. We have also integrated access control and time management at very affordable rates for several organizations.

Our access control and time management systems are designed to ensure that access security prone areas are granted only to duly authorized people and that such access is monitored according to our clients needs and also giving them the opportunity to monitor the coming ins and going outs of everyone in their building or facilities, with proper records of time they came in and went out of any area in the building or facility.
Kougar Solution’s Access Control solutions are available for all type of buildings and facilities, we supply and install a wide range of Access Control and time management systems depending on what choice of security measure our client is opting for.

Our access control and time management devices and software generate a variety of detailed reports and feedbacks, which enables those who are authorized to go through the security checks to identify which personnel have accessed specific entryways, and trace or monitor their movement within the facility or building. We also provide real-time data collection for effective and immediate access to information throughout an organization, allowing a company to improve efficiency and enhance performance.

We supply and install advanced Access control and Time/Attendance systems that enhance effective time and attendance management. Our device makes it convenient for our clients to monitor and record the specific time an employee clocks in and out of work every day.  With our access control and Time and attendances system solutions, you are assured of accurate real-time reading and reliable matching results to go with it. We provide solutions that meet the needs of all our clients.  Our Access control and Time management Systems are programmable which allows you to program the Access and time clocks to permit entry to doors, gates ways, or any area you would like to secure. This gives the user the opportunity to be able to know who and who entered a given place, the time to which they entered and the period of time they stayed in that place. Some of our products are tamper alarm battery cabinet design, super card and super password, duress card and code, 100,000 Cards and 300,000 Event record etc.


What you get from our Access Control and Time Management System:

  • It helps to eliminate unauthorized overtime by employees and limit some areas to authorized personnel only.
  • It defines the exact time period when employees can enter a secure facility.
  • It locks out or warns employees who try to clock in or out when they haven’t gotten due permission to.
  • It controls the admittance of personnel to secure areas in the building.
  • It denies access to unauthorized personnel.
  • It enables employees to punch the clock in/out when and where they are supposed to according to the policies of the company they work with and not of their own accord.
  • Monitors late arrivals and early departures.
  • It controls access by employee, visitors and even those in authorities in the company at every time of the day, and days of the week.


Kougar Solution Ltd: The Best Solution Expert on all your Access Control and Time Management System Device/Software Supply and Installation in Abuja/Lagos, Nigeria.

We provide advanced and accurate CCTV Cameras, Access control and time management devices with real-time Management solution. We Partner Hikvision one of the best Access control manufacturers in the world to give our clients the best Solutions Services.

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CCTV Surveillance Solutions in Abuja

Kougar solutions  CCTV camera installation services in abuja lagos Nigeria

A lot of times we all have the fear of how secured our valuables are or if you are been swindled by one of your employees or if they are more productive when you are around and relaxes when they see you are out of the office, like it’s been said out of sight is out of mind. Our key focus today is the CCTV Surveillance Camera.

This is a technology we all seem to be familiar with and it’s of recent people began to embrace it. Due to the bridge of privacy, these notions made most people do seem to be skeptic about the use of this device. CCTV cameras installation companies installation  can help to put crime rate around your vicinity at bay. When the good out does the bad, it is advisable that it should be adopted in Abuja city.

Abuja is a large city with activities going on during the day and night and in these rush hours, you might not know who is lurking around the area looking for the next crime to commit. these CCTV cameras can be adopted in shops where we have Wuse market as an example of a large market where people buy and sell and with the bustling of the day, shop owners will not have time to look at all that is happening in the shop and with a CCTV installation services , the owner will be able to monitor all the corners of the shop. Other places CCTV can be used are the banks, hospitals, offices, homes, on the streets etc.

CCTV camera prevents and reduces a lot of burglaries, settle disputes and sexual harassment issues between management and employees in an office and it also helps in solving crime cases for the authorities. So with this good benefit, it would be great for all the private and public sectors and even homes to invest in CCTV cameras in Nigeria.

Here in Kougar Solutions, we provide all the best CCTV cameras in the Abuja, Lagos Nigeria. They are durable, efficient, has high image quality resolution, easy to access, gives you enhanced security coverage and they are easy to operate and does not require technical skills to operate. We have different types of CCTV cameras that are suitable for everyone’s need and our CCTV cameras provide real-time surveillance to the user.
You can never go wrong with the Service we provide to you. In Abuja, our company is your best bet of getting a qualitative installation job at a very affordable price and our staffs are experts in the field that are highly experienced and they oversee that the jobs are done to the satisfaction of our customers.
To work with us and to get that great CCTV installation job you desire, you can Contact Us and we will give you the best.

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Hikvision Distributors in Abuja Lagos Nigeria : Best Services, Solutions and Installation 

Hikvision Digital Technology Company is the number one trusted CCTV security service provider in Nigeria. They are the world’s largest CCTV supplier and the company specializes in CCTV technology, designing and manufacturing an entire range of innovative series of cameras and DVRs to video management software. Hikvision provides Video surveillance security such as CCTV home security, CCTV for office, CCTV establishment benefit and CCTV items deals. They have distributors which convey these security items directly from the company.

Hikvision Nigeria – CCTV installation/Maintenance and Access Control System, Authorized Dealers in Nigeria

Kougar Solutions is the HIKVISION Authorized distributor in Nigeria, we provide a wide range of IT and Security solutions such as CCTV camera, Access Control System and products, under vehicle screening system (UVSS), Hikvision Drones, IP Cameras, NVRs, and DVRs etc. Our Hikvision products and services are designed to meet the best quality standards and we have a durable and reliable safety feature that goes along with our product and services. From the extremely uncomplicated video security surveillance task to large integrated access control system solutions.

As a leading Hikvision Distributor in Nigeria, Kougar Solution gives you the best Hikvision products right from the company, since the company is undoubtedly the world’s leading authority in video surveillance technologies. One of the main advantages of Hikvision is their design which is very helpful to customers and installers. It is very easy to operate and understand and does not require any IT specialization for its operation.

                                                  CCTV and Access control SystemCCTV Camera services in abuja lagos nigeria 


Our Hikvision product includes

  • Indoor Cameras (Dome)
  • Outdoor Cameras (Mini-Bullets & Bullets)
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Fish eye panoramic camera
  • Fixed under vehicle screening system
  • Portable under vehicle screening system
  • Network Access Controller
  • Master and Distributed Access Controller
  • Access Control Devices
  • Hikvision Drones
  • Control Room Monitors
  • High-End NVR
  • IP configured cameras (Speed Dome Cameras, IR Bullet & IR / HD Dome Cameras) etc


Kougar Solutions is sure to provide and deliver the best technology to meet the challenges of the modern business world. Hikvision CCTV Camera in Nigeria has been rated as the best and fast moving product in the CCTV Surveillance Products and we are your best distribution quality channel for getting these products.

Apart from our Hikvision video surveillance product and services, Kougar Solutions also provide other range of security products and services, which can be best utilized for Security Solution Project in Nigeria. As a HIKVISION Distributor in Nigeria, we offer Best Prices for all CCTV video surveillance services in Nigeria for our channel partners as well as our customer.







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Mabushi, Abuja.

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Best Fire Alarm Systems Company Installer in Abuja Nigeria

cooper fire alarm system installation in abuja nigeria

Choosing the Right Fire Detector

Do you know that there are so many fire alarm detector brands out there in the market?. With the wide choice available, selecting the correct detector or combination of detectors is of great importance to ensure that fire is detected at the earliest possible point because this can make or mar the purpose of installing the fire alarm system.

That been said there are other things you should look at so as to balance your needs, requirements and other factors that will minimize the risk of false alarms.

Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of the four characteristics of fire: heat, smoke, combustion gas or infrared or ultraviolet radiation. That’s why we have different type of fire alarm systems

” A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smokefirecarbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations. Alarms can be either motorized bells or wall mountable sounders or horns.  according to wikiepdia:”

Detectors will trigger an alarm system once one of these characteristics is identified.

There are several different types of detector available, designed to trigger a fire alarm system. Smoke detectors are probably the most common, along with heat detectors, beam detectors, CO detectors, air aspiration, flame detectors and more.

Apollo AlarmSense Combined Optical Smoke Detector

Combined Optical Smoke Detector

The choice of detector depends wholly on the environment it’s to be used in, combined with consideration of the type of fire it will be detecting. For example, a commercial kitchen would be suited more to a fixed temperature heat detector rather than a smoke detector where smoke from food preparation is commonplace.

Carbon monoxide detection would be appropriate for use in a sawmill where early detection of a smouldering fire is necessary to help prevent a potentially major fire taking hold. In this environment, smoke or heat detection would only trigger once the fire has grown significantly enough to produce flames and smoke and so creating a potentially life-threatening situation.

Consideration also needs to be given to the reason for the protection. For example, if the susceptibility of areas surrounding a large piece of machinery to fire was the main concern then heat detection may be appropriate.

However, if the concern was to protect the machinery from an electrical cable fire (because the machinery was integral to a revenue stream for the business), then protecting the cabling area with smoke detection would be the suitable option.

The main point in question is that clearly one type of fire detector isn’t suitable for all applications, and the final choice will depend on several factors:

  • The speed of fire detection required, based on an assessment of the fire risk
  • Minimising false alarms, which can be caused by incorrect detection devices
  • The nature of the fire hazard to be protected
  • The probable growth and spread of a fire
  • Environmental factors present – for example dust, humidity, temperature and smoke from other sources
  • The size and expanse of the area to be protected

In conclusion, only a full fire-risk assessment will determine the fire risks to a site and the most suitable category of fire alarm to be fitted. It is then the responsibility of the fire-alarm designer and installer( Kougar Solutions Limited) to determine the most suitable type of detection for a site.

The importance of getting this correct in relation to fire risk type and environmental factors is paramount.


Do you need a fire alarm system installed in your home, office, corporation or organization, church, mosque, public places?  Lets get started now:  Click Below:

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CCTV Systems companies in Abuja Nigeria

Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The company’s complete product suite includes Smart IP cameras, HD analog cameras, speed domes, NVRs, DVRs, video management software, access control and alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets that includes retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, government, and residential applications.

CCTV Installation Services in Abuja Lagos Nigeria

Since its inception in 2001, Hikvision has played an active role in video surveillance market, devoting 8% of its annual revenue to research and development for continued product innovation. Hikvision, which is publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, has a truly global presence with regional offices in nearly 20 locations around the world.

Our Services:

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