Time Attendance And Access Control- Get The Most Out Of Your Resources- Kougar Solutions

Time attendance system allows you manage and monitor the working hours of your employees. Most managers and employers use this system to track when their employees start and stop work.  It puts in check late arrivals, break time, working hours, and nonattendance. It helps to reduce cost of paying employees for the time they are not working through a means of providing a proof of attendance.

Access Control System on the other hand is used to manage who is allowed access into a facility, building or environment. It reduces the risk of unauthorized entrance to physical properties and data systems in organizations.

Kougar Solutions have successfully set up integrated physical access control systems such as road blockers, turnstiles, road blocking systems, revolving doors, speed gates, tire killers, boom barriers, pedestrian gates etc.


To Curb Unauthorized Access – with access control system, an employer is capable of restricting who enters their premises and can also monitor when they enter. This system puts a ban on intruders and trespassers. It generates a range of detailed reports which helps identify number of persons who have accessed a specific entrance within a building.


To Minimize Theft – Access Control Systems help reduce burglary. It prevents theft by averting access to unknown individuals who might try getting into a building.

Removes Key Faults – With access control, employees of Organizations need no more keys to access their workplace, they are provided with Access cards, Passwords, identification and authentication of personnel Devices, Voice recognition, etc.


To Design Employee’s Schedules – Employees schedules can be customized to define their arrival time and departure time from the working facility. It can also be used to monitor late arrivals and early departures of employees.

Offers Remote Access – Access control System offers remote access (when no one is on-site) to other people who might not be part of the organization but have work or services to deliver to the company. Example of such people include cleaners, errand boys, electrical technicians, contractors etc. This avails you the opportunity to know who is entering or leaving your building even when you are not there.


Other importance includes – It locks out or cautions personnel who try to clock in or out when they haven’t gotten due approval to. According to the policies of company, access control system permits employees to punch the clock in/out when and where they are supposed to.


Stand-alone systems: From its name, you already have a clue of the type of system this is. It does not require any connectivity, it has its own capacity to manage users and also has its own memory on its terminal.  Some of the drawback of this type of system is that the number of users is limited and it does not allow for scheduling. Just a few entrances can be controlled. They are best suitable for warehouses, stores, one man office etc with a maximum of not more than 30 users.


Managed systems: These systems are more advanced than the stand-alone systems. They are networked and coupled to a principal software application from which users are managed. Also it allows calendars and hours together with access authorizations to be controlled. This allows for monitoring of who entered and when they entered a particular access point by security personnel.With managed systems there’s usually provision of pass cards that only allows authorized staffs access to a specific location. Managed systems can also be combined with CCTV Surveillance System in order to carry out system-wide range monitoring. This system can store as much as over 2,000 employees or users at a relatively low cost.

Corporate systems: Corporate System have great features in that they provide broad web-based, multi-platform, multi-site software management system that allows many different types of access requirements. These systems permit all-in-one integration with third party systems: CCTV surveillance, tele-assistance, intrusion, vehicle access, intercoms, alerts, messaging, asset management, cyber-security (manage both physical and logical access), time and attendance, etc.

Knowing your security requirements is a necessary step in determining the best choice of access control and time attendance system for your facility. You will sure need the help of experts to arrive at the best decision and if you are unsure about this you can consult Kougar Solutions limited for proper inspection and design.