Public Address System: Choosing The Best Solution Provider In Nigeria

A public address system is a set of electrical equipment consisting of loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones and other interrelated equipments. This set of electrical equipments help increase the loudness of a musical instrument, human voice, or even recorded music. It allows music or someone’s voice to be heard over and throughout a large area like in a social gathering, conference, Party, auditorium etc. Public Address System can also be used in various places to increase the sound level of a speech such as in a theater where it can be used to pass across information as an announcement over a large audience. Public Address System is an electronic amplification system and can also be referred to as PA system. It is also mostly used by performers, announcers etc. Typical application includes sports stadiums, Airports, Transport Parks, public transportation vehicles, Schools, Churches, Marketplace, facilities, live or recorded music venues and events.




A mixer allows for multiple input of audio signals and equalizes them for broadcast at different levels. If a microphone or another acoustic source is used in a Public Address system, it is plugged into a mixer. A professional level mixer will have multiple inputs to accommodate lots of microphones while a simple mixer will only allow few inputs. There different types of mixers depending on what’s suitable for you; Digital mixers (They use digital signal processing technology), Analog mixers (for adjusting volume and tone of input audio signals) and Powered mixers (Powered mixers are analog mixers with built-in power amplifiers).



Every Public Address System needs Microphones. There are basically two categories of microphones; The Condenser and Dynamic.

Condenser mics generally work on phantom power and would require mixers with sufficient built-in phantom-powered inputs. They are made to capture more intricacies and are used to handle high sound pressure levels. They are usually for live sound and recording. Condenser mics phantom power can also be delivered from other sources like mic cable, mic preamp, or from a standalone phantom power device.


Dynamic mics provide multi-pattern function by netting sounds from different directions. Dynamic mics are long-lasting, reliable, and are made for onstage use. While condenser mics are good for high frequencies also note that they are prone to breakage, which is a downside to their usage. Other kinds of microphones include the wired and wireless microphones.


Public Address Speakers

Speakers allow performers, announcers and musicians to hear themselves while performing to an audience. Speakers with higher wattage, size, sound quality, and weight are more effective compared to those with less features. The wattage determines how high and loud the volume would be without any breakage. The Size and weight of the speaker also help in expanding the sound output. Size and weight of a speaker is measured in inches and diameter. Sound quality on its own helps with clarity and as such provides the performer with a clear and loud sound output.


Speakers can also come in different forms like active or passive speakers. Active speakers are known also as powered speakers. They are loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers. They are ideal for reinforcement systems, professional public speakers, DJ(s), bands etc. Active speakers have several advantages, the most evident being their compactness and easiness. They are capable of being connected directly to an audio signal source without any external amplifier.

Passive speakers vary from active speakers in that they require external amplifiers or mixers to power them. Passive speakers are not an all-in-one system and therefore will require you check for compatibility between your speaker, amplifier and power ratings to avoid risking a blow-up of speakers.



Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services provides the best solution for all Public Address System related-issues. They have a range of high performance products for effective sound output. Here’s a list of their products:

PA System & Digital Amplifier – The amplifier (COBRANET 4-CHANNEL CLASS D POWER AMPLIFIER) offers high class D amplifier circuit. It enhances up to 85% efficiency as a result of high-effectual built-in power switch. Product’s dissipation plan is minimal and can keep up at 55C even at severe working conditions which invariably helps maintain a longer life span for the amplifier.

Public Address Speaker – Their speakers have different specifications depending on what your choice of speaker is. Some of their speakers are Horn Speaker, Directional Speaker, Wall Mount Speaker, Fireproof Speaker, Pendant Speaker and Portable Speaker.

Evacuation system EVAC System – This has a built-in 500W digital amplifier and 8 independent power zones.  It can be mounted in the broadcasting room or remote control room, and the network audio source can be shared with the system via the internet (Includes the EVAC message and network back ground music). It supports 4 local line inputs which can be set from the main controller. EVAC System is an ideal unit for setting up medium or small applications.


Audio Conference System – Digital Conference System Controller supports 128 units for Conference system of discussion and voting functions. It can take expansion up to 4, 096 units. It has four meeting modes: first-in/first out, normal, free and apply. It also has Speech microphone quantity selector: 1, 2, 4 & 6.

Another product is UHF WIRELESS CONFERENCE SYSTEM MAIN. Features of UHF wireless conference system main include, FM signal transmission, high fidelity,  high signal-to-noise ratio, no voice delay, Unique data communication algorithm, with a maximum speech unit capacity of  255, and Supports 3 conference management modes: rotation, restrict and chairman.


Simultaneous Interpretation System – The product INFRARED WIRELESS CONFERENCE SYSTEM CONTROLLER is a digital infrared emission host and the core part of the digital infrared voice distribution system. It has digital DQPSK modulated transmission with digital audio compression coding system. It’s capable of transmitting 16 channels language at the same time. Infrared emission host can be installed on the 19-inch standard rack with an easy storage.


Infrared IR Radiator, another simultaneous interpretation system and also a high power infrared radiation equipment used to receive the infrared emission host carrier signal. It has Support hand in hand and can be connected 30 IR Radiator at the same time.


Digital Conference System Interpreter Unit, a product with High digital audio technology microphone, adopts 48KHZ sampling rate, higher than the CD sound quality. Other feature includes clear and loud voice, Internal DSP audio processing, and no low frequency sound.


Infrared Receiver Unit – this product uses latest electronic technology and dedicated chip, ensures best performance and guarantees longer battery life. Infrared receiver unit is designed according to the Ergonomic design. Its features are; it supports volume adjustment, channel selection, controls power switch and the indicator function. It’s also capable of turning off automatically to save energy.


INFRARED BATTERY CHARGING UNIT- this product is designed for charging function, the red light means battery and charging Stand is in poor contact. If charging indicator light is orange color, it connotes a charging state. When indicator light of charging stand turns green, it represents a fully charged battery.


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