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Gone are the days when individuals, Organizations and Companies are assured of relying on Government for 247 power provision. A power outage also known as power blackout is one of the challenges faced by Various Institutions and Working-class individuals in their pursuit for achieving bulk output of their services and products. Various organizational tasks or individual tasks cannot be achieved and successfully executed without the availability of 247 power supply.

Power Backup Systems are been used recently as alternative to providing 247 power supply for Companies and Organizations. The importance of Power Systems cannot be overemphasized. Most Industries use power for various manufacturing processes, Commercial buildings like schools, churches and hospitals, shopping malls, hotels etc also use power to run their daily activities efficiently and effectively. Gadgets like laptops, phones, batteries, MP4s, and other appliances all run on power supply and any interruption might lead to their power cut.



Here’s a few Tips on how you can create a 247 uninterrupted power system:

  1. Solar System: This is the kind of Power generated from sunlight. The solar panels work through the help of an inverter technology, absorbing sunlight to generate direct current which is finally converted to usable alternating current.
  2. Inverter System: Before your head starts spinning on the difference between solar and inverter, please read this first. The inverter is a system that is used to store energy when there’s power supply maybe from the national gridor Your Generator. What this system does is to store energy in a battery and start using it up once there’s a blackout.
  3. Generator: This system is responsible for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Its energy is supplied by fossil fuels such as coal, biomass or natural gas.
  4. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical device that provides a backup power to a load when the input energy source flops. A UPS provides protection to workstations, data centers, telecommunication equipments or other electrical apparatus where an unanticipated power interruption could cause data damage, fatalities and serious business interference. Let’s take a look at the types of UPS.


Types Of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Ø  Standby UPS: This UPS is mostly used for personal computers and in Office spaces. It is also called an Offline UPS, and is the most common type of UPS. Once it detects a power letdown, It pulls current from the Alternating Circuit channel and switches to battery within a few milliseconds. Some of the benefits of Standby UPS are high efficiency, Low cost and small size.

Ø  Line Interactive UPS: The line interactive UPS is the most common scheme used by small industries, Organizations, Network, and departmental servers. This type of UPS allows constant under-voltage brownouts and over-current rushes without consuming the inadequate backup battery energy. The line-interactive UPS is similar to a standby UPS, but it comes with a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer- used to adjust the current of transmission lines, and also to convert voltages when the primary to secondary ratio is near to unity.

Where To Get Good UPS?

There are lots of outlets promising good-cheap power and backup systems yet various small businesses, companies, firms and organizations are still faced with the challenge of power failure and interruption. Solving this problem can only be achieved by a well trusted Power Agency or Company with good number of years of e and testimonials attached to their Works. One of Such Companies is the Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services.

Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services have a long history working in this field to deliver clean and consistent power, by meeting precise needs of any Organization. Kougar works hand in hand with institutions to plan and execute the best solutions. To get in touch with Kougar, please click  here.

I am Glad you read this article to this point and I will be excited  to hear in the near-future that you have been able to overcome the challenge of power failure and blackout in your business, home, office or Organization.