Need Electrical Fencing Solution ? What You Need To Know And How To Get The Best

Every day security measures are being implemented daily in different homes, buildings, organizations and premises in order to reduce theft and intrusion. Electric Fencing is a major means of increasing tight security in one’s home or building. Most Electric fences are usually seen in farms but it’s not just restricted to farms, some banks and other top commercial organizations have started employing this solution to increase their security level. Electric fences are aimed at creating electric circuit which when being touched by an animal or person leads to a shock.



The energizer which is a component of the fence releases an electrical impulse that emits voltage shock every once per second as soon as it comes in contact with a person or animal. Another terminal of the electric fence connected to a metal rod fixed to the earth (usually called an earth rod) is also required to complete an electric circuit and conduct a pulse leading to electric shock once being touched by an animal or person. The extent of shock is determined by the voltage, the pulse, the degree of contact between the earth, the fence, route of voltage and the recipient. The result of shock causes of feel of pain which is short-lived unlike barbed wire that can cause severe cuts and long lasting pain. Electric fence is a psychological barrier rather than a physical one.



Mains System

  • Energiser
  • Crocodile clips
  • Braces
  • Gates
  • Corner Strainers
  • Cut out switch
  • An earth stake or spike
  • Length of lead out cable
  • Polywire, galvanised wire, rope, tape.
  • Posts and Insulators

Battery & Solar System

  • Solar panel and stand
  • Posts and Insulators
  • An earth stake or spike
  • Battery
  • Polywire, galvanized wire, rope, tape.



INEXPENSIVE – To set up an electric fence requires less resources and work than conservative fences. It does not require a lot of money and can easily be afforded by an average person.

EFFORTLESSLY CONSTRUCTED – Construction does not require heavy materials, it can be constructed with light materials.

SIMPLE AND FLEXIBLE: It’s a simple and flexible way to providing security for your buildings.

LITTLE MAINTENANCE – Maintenance can be easily achieved.

IMPROVES CONVENTIONAL FENCES: It can be used on conventional fences by including 2 – 3 electrified wires.

LASTS LONGER – due to reduced physical pressure, electric fence has a longer life.

GENERAL APPLICATION – It can be used in any place like banks, schools, homes, companies, shopping malls, hotels, warehouses, farms etc.

LESS INJURY TO PEOPLE ­- the shock from an electric fence causes no physical damage to persons or animals just a short-lived pain.




There are various types of electric fence and each of them is designed to suit your requirements and structure. The four main types are:

Portable or Temporary Electric Fence – This can be installed anywhere. They are easy to set up, easy to move, and take down. They are used for short term grazing, animal control and also for rotational grazing. They are also capable of keeping criminals and intruders away.

Offset Electric Fence – They are an addition to a conventional electric fence. They provide additional protection and strength to the conventional fence thereby extending its’s life. This is achieved by using offset wire(s).

Equine or Semi-permanent Electric fence – This type of fence is specially design for temperament horses. Equine Electric Fence Wire protects from injury by use of smooth, large diameter coating and are also capable of increasing visibility. They are also inexpensive to install. They can last up to 10 years and can use any combination of post and wire types.

Permanent Electric Fence: This electric fence is for long term use as long as 20 years plus. They are also used for protection against wild life animals. They use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire with wood, steel or concreted posts. They are also characterized with high strength insulators and strainers to keep fences working effectively and requires minimal maintenance.



If you are setting up an electric fence for the first time, I will suggest you employ the expertise of a professional. There are different things and key considerations to make before installing an electric fence. Kougar Solutions Limited are experts in setting up an effective and functioning electric fence, some of the factors they consider before setting up includes:





The soul of your fencing structure is the Energizer, if chosen and properly installed will provide active animal control. There are two main types of Energizer and they differ base on how they are powered.

Earthing – A good earthing system is important for a well-functioning Electric fence but it’s often ignored. Earthing allows the proper flow of power from energizer to the fence, to the animal and back to the energizer through the ground.  The Ground fitting cannot work well without good unsoiled soil-rods in required size and number.

Mains – once there’s reliable mains power, it’s the best option.

Battery – this is for areas with temporary fencing use when the mains power available is not reliable. The battery charge is maintained through a solar panel or by occasionally removing and recharging the battery.

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