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Lighting and Sound systems are widely used for both indoor and outdoor residential, industrial and commercial spaces. This article will give you a guide and basic understanding of what you need to know for a better deployment and installation in your home, office or event.

A lighting system is a system that provides the right kind and amount of light. It works with use of one or more electronic devices responsible for taking inputs, processing inputs and delivering outputs related to lighting control solutions. Lighting systems are beneficial in that they help in conserving energy and fulfiling building needs.

A Sound system connote everything about audio. It is used to designate a system comprising of amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, music sources and signal processors, all controlled to make live recorded sounds loud to a large audience. The choice of the system depends on the preferred area to install it. Sound system can also be used to improve sound sources on stage by using special sound effects.



For designing a light structure for either your home or office, a good understanding of the various type of lighting system is needed and most times this can be very confusing. Here’s how to identify each type and their various application.

General Lighting

This is the most common type of lighting and is also known as Ambient lighting. Its feature includes providing illumination with a soft glow and is mostly used in cinematography and photography. It also enables one see and move over an area safely. It creates a natural radiance within a room. To create an ambient lighting you will need the following lights; Ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, Chandeliers, Pendants, Recessed and Track.


Task Lighting

Task lighting as the name implies completely helps you while on any task such as writing, reading, washing, cooking etc. it’s often referred to as Office lighting. Features of task lighting include, less brightness, no shadow effect and it serves as a complementary light. Its contrasting feature helps you to be more aware and focused. To create your task light you will be needing these fixtures; Pendants, Under Cabinet, Vanity and Swing Arm Lamps.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used for illumination of things on display, like wall paintings, stage decorations, cartoon work, artwork etc. it adds style to a room by creating pictorial concepts. Accent lighting is a very intense light with the purpose of drawing the eye to its central point. This light is popularly used during festive periods, exhibitions, and other artistry events. For creating accent lighting you can use Wall Lights, under-cabinet, recessed, landscape and track.



Environmental Sound System – this type of system is used in areas where too much sound is not required. It can be grouped into two: The residential environmental sound and professional environmental sound.

Residential Environmental Sound

This Sound System is mostly used in homes or places where sounds are to be communicated between divisions with integrated intercom. This type of sound system also allows calls across the various rooms in a residence concurrently. When used in a “Multi-Room” system, the preferred sound source can be selected by each division irrespective of the one that is selected in any other division.


Professional Environmental Sound

This system is commonly found in buildings like hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, schools etc for airing of information, announcements and music. This system produces a loud sound that can interrupt conversations though the sound system is made to distribute uniformly. The downside of this system is that distortions can occur in the speakers, transformers and amplifiers it is used in environments where they are not designed for or in situations where they are been used as high pressure sound.

Professional Sound System

This type of system is used in places where high sound pressure is needed. Some of the places include clubs, concerts, stadiums etc. This system is capable of interrupting conversation due to its high sound and extreme frequency curves.



Step one

Read the instructions on the package manual before trying installation. Shut off power from your circuit and ensure to use a tester to check if there are any live hot wires.

Step two

Identify the three kinds of wire found in a standard box for light fixture, the white (neutral), copper (ground) and black(current). Connect wires to the fixture by wrapping them around the screws. Wires of matching colors are to be coupled to the ceiling wires with wire nuts. Also ensure that the junction box you are working on can support the weight of your fixture and if your fixture is of heavy weight, invite someone to help hold it while you are working on the wire connection.

 Step Three:

Once you are done with wire connection get your fixture and mount unto the mounting plate through a screw attachment, install your light bulb and finally you have light once your beaker is on! If you are not sure or probably not experienced in light fixture installation, always contact an expert like KOUGAR SOLUTIONS LIMITED.



Step one – Identify the various rooms you would want to install your sound system. Decide the number of audio sources that will transfer sound to the system and whether the sources should be single or of different sources. Note that the amount of sources you have can affect the cost of your set up. Also decide on the types of speakers you would need, large buildings would require louder speakers and vice versa. Consider an amplifier that will be suitable for your speakers, you can choose one or multiple amplifiers depending on the number of speakers.


Step Two – Install your sound system. You can use your speaker manual to design the various mounting layouts in a room for proper distribution of sound. Also study where you want to have each audio source placed but preferably they should be placed 3feet next to walls and also made accessible. The next installation step will need the attention of expert installers like KOUGAR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. They are experts in professional installation of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers including advanced installation requiring keypad controls and programming.

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