CCTV Surveillance System: What You Need To Know About Design, Installation And Support

CCTV is an acronym that stands for Closed-Circuit Television. With CCTV you are able to fast-track all activities going on around your business, home, workplace or any kind of building like banks, hospitals, schools, boutiques and others you would want to monitor. This System allows you view live happenings and then stores them as a footage for reference purposes. CCTV varies from airing television in that the signal is not openly transmitted but only conveys footage received from cameras installed in the premises.

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Knowing what and how to create a good design for your CCTV installation is one out of many things you need to know about CCTV System installation. To create your own design, you are to decide on the major sections of your home or company you want to mount this Systems. Indoor applications are fairly easy to design than outdoors, this is because of some environmental factors like rain, humidity etc. You can make a drawing of the most important areas of your building you want to monitor, reason is ; it’s very expensive to monitor every square inch of your building. Also ensure that each area provides the best view and is not obstructed by anything. Some of the areas may include your Off-street windows, driveway, staircase, front door, back door, store rooms etc.

The next thing to do after design is to take note of the various components of CCTV system. These components are things you will need to assembly together, set up and have your system running. Some of these components are:

Security Cameras: These cameras are of different types with different features. Some of the cameras are bullet camera, PTZ camera, dome camera, convert camera, fish eye panoramic camera etc. It is important to understand the different designs of these cameras, their application and mounting options. This is why the expertise of a CCTV installation Company is required. Kougar Solutions Limited are well grounded in the handling, design and installation of CCTV Surveillance System. They help you chose the best Security camera in terms of resolution, mounting options, lens type, power type and also the one that meets installation requirements.

DVR or digital video recorder: The DVR is known as Digital Video Recorder. This is responsible for taking all the camera inputs, then organize them for live viewing on the screen and also stores a copy onto the hard drive for future viewing. The DVR will come with software pre-loaded that allows you manage and construct each security camera separately. Also Note that not all DVR products are the same. They differ in their recording speed, storage and even Warranties. So it is essential to choose the DVR that will support the number of security cameras you are designing to install. Kougar Solutions Offer DVR with 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations which are suitable for 4, 8 or 16 cameras respectively. Their DVR always come with strong Warranties which is an added benefit if you buy from them. Another alternative to DVR is Network Video Recoders.


Cables: The CCTV cable is used to connect security cameras to DVR and their required power supply. Most professional Installers like Kougar Solutions Limited use BNC connector for their installations. The cable supplies about 12volt power to the camera.  The camera should have a DC plug at the end while the DVR should have a DC socket into which there will be supply of 12 volt power.


BNC Connectors: The BNC connectors are used for composite video on commercial video devices. They are used for installation between the Coaxial cable , security cameras and DVR. Some great features of BNC connectors are ; they are strong and are common for high bandwidth video applications. Usually the male connector is fitted to a CCTV cable, the female BNC connectors are the back of Security cameras and DVR can then be connected to the panel.


CCTV Power Supply: This powers the security cameras. They are of different power types offering different voltage strengths, so you are to decide on the amount and type of power your Surveillance system needs. CCTV power supplies are available in 24VAC and 12VDC power types and also in single, 4, 9, and 16 camera configurations. They are also easy to install, conserve, with very long lasting durability.

Other Tools: there are other tools required for CCTV Survillance System installation and they Hammer, Plier, Multi meter (for measuring current, resistance etc),  wire cutter,  nose plier, LAN tester ( for CAT5 and CAT6 cable testing), screw driver, LAN Crimping tool, aligner (for connecting CCTV cable to BNC Connector), Hexa blade, Drill bits ( for drilling holes), cleaning brush, measuring tape, CCTV test monitor ( for checking camera operation)and Drill machine.


 Improved Security: If you have seen a typical Western movie (Hollywood), you would have noticed how these government and private owned companies use Surveillance system to monitor all the activities going on around and within their premises in order to secure their assets and valuables. Now this is not just limited to big companies alone, homes and various small businesses are also suffering security breaches, that’s why it’s advisable to set up a CCTV Surveillance system.

Security cameras are able to transfer data with little to no interference, even if the data is being transmitted wirelessly. Many of the Security cameras on the market have encryption proficiencies and the data is encrypted before it is transmitted.



No one enjoys spending money on what is not efficient or that which cannot deliver. People tend to drift towards gadgets and technologies that work well in order to save money and time. IP surveillance cameras are ran through POE (power over Ethernet) connecters that have been constructed into the camera. They can be driven through an Ethernet cable, which makes them more effective with the use of power and also with the use of space. This is the reason why they are chosen over analog CCTV cameras because analog CCTV cameras use a lot of energy.


Advanced Image Resolution

People invest in surveillance cameras because they want to be able to have a visual record of activities that might have happened in their absence. IP cameras are capable of providing these features like having up to 5megapixels compared to their counterpart Analog cameras. Their images are of high quality, they is the very reason why they are used as evidence for crime cases and other cases.


In summary, the role of CCTV surveillance Sytem in providing strong security measures cannot be over-emphasized. In case you find anything difficult about design and installation of CCTV Survillance System, please reach out to KOUGAR SOLUTIONS LIMITED .