Car Tracking And Fleet Management Solutions: Custom Solution For Your Tracking Needs

Car Tracking System is the use of software interface to track the location of a vehicle through collection of vehicle’s data or information. The commonly used tracking system is the GPS (Global Positioning Service) or GLONASS (Global Networking Satellite System). Car tracking system is mostly applied in fleet management by fleet managers. Fleet operators like couriers, utilities, public transport, crisis services, aviation technology, cars, trucks, specialist vehicles, trailers, vans,  and private vehicles all use vehicle tracking system to increase productivity,  reduce associated risk and develop efficiency.


The fleet management system works on the basis of a software called the GPS (Global Positioning Service). The GPS is responsible for sending data to receivers via a radio signal. The fleet vehicle has in its dashboard a GPS receiver installed, this is to enable people undertake various tasks in management of their fleets. This Software comes in different capacities and  permits functions such as recording driver and vehicle details, the tracking of procurement expenditures, setting up of repairs and servicing tasks, import of fuel trades, route optimization, and computing of fleet performance at anytime and anywhere.


Portable GPS tracking devices – have an advantage of being easy to use. An example is the OBD trackers.

Hardwired GPS trackers – They are the most common and can be used by installing through a 3-wire-fixing connecting to power, ground sources and engine in a vehicle.


Management of ships

Fleet management is applied in managing ships at the sea. This type of fleet management is referred to as shipping fleet management. Most of the functions include handling of areas like day-to-day operations, maintenance, crewing etc. Most ship owners do not run their own fleet management system rather they contract fleet managers to run operations for them in order to focus more on other shipping activities like cargo booking.

Security and Control

Most companies now devise the technology of fleet management system in securing their fleet of vehicles. With this system they are able to safely disable a vehicle even while in operation. Modern advancement has also allowed the addition of over-the-air security and control in fleet vehicles. With this stolen vehicles can be recovered, stolen cargo can also be recovered while also reducing chance of lost. This system is very important in creating precautionary measures for safeguarding and securing fleet vehicles.

Mechanical diagnostics

A more advanced fleet management system provides full vehicle’s data for operators when connected to the vehicle’s onboard computer. Data available through this means includes fuel and mileage consumption.

Remote vehicle disabling systems

This system is used to disable unauthorized vehicle use by some drivers. Fleet managers track their fleet of vehicles remotely and gradually slow down their movement in cases of over speed by drivers. This can be achieved by locking the vehicle’s brakes or by completely preventing the engine from starting. This can also be used by drivers to alert companies of emergencies about to occur and quickly notify the fleet operator in order to assess the situation and deploy a solution.



Reduces fuel costs – With fleet management software, fleet managers are able to monitor and track performance of their fleet and with the information or data available they can be able to educate drivers on ways to avoid idle time. With this software too, companies are able to draw up faster and shortcut routes to deliver customer’s service thereby reducing fuel usage and invariably optimizing routes.


Increases productivity – With car tracking solutions companies can now increase productivity.

This system reveals and help you measure maintenance of your fleet. With it you can ascertain how many hours your vehicles run, whether there are worn-out parts, engine condition and other details needed to show how fit your fleet is. You’ll also know just when to change your vehicles.

Improves customer satisfaction – With tracking solutions travel time and delivery appointments can be enhanced by ensuring your drivers work in agreement with schedules and this can invariably increase productivity and promote customer’s satisfaction. Also with GPS Solutions, you can give customers driver’s delivery details like real-time location, and route of delivery, this is to ensure customers are being carried along and are updated on all information related to their deliveries.

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