Baggage And Walkthrough Scanners: How To Setup And Secure Your Critical Assets And Buildings

Just by the name alone, You already Know what we will be talking about on this Article. At least, about 50% of Travelers always have baggage with them while journeying to their different destinations. Even if you have never been to an Airport before, you must have watched one or two movies of where traveler’s baggage are been scanned before and after on-boarding a Flight.


The basic purpose of scanning traveler’s baggage is to ensure the safety of the commuters by detecting any form of dangerous devices, arms or even explosives. This also helps the Security Officers identify anything that looks Suspicious. The Walkthrough Scanners are responsible for detecting metals once a person passes through.


Now , Let’s not limit these scanners to just an Airport; You can use these scanners to secure both your Critical Assets and Buildings Such as Schools, fuel stations, churches, Sporting events etc. If you run a big Shopping Mall or even a big Organisation, You sure need a Walkthrough Scanner which will help detect metals on the body of people just as they pass.


How to Setup Your Baggage and Walkthrough Scanners

Before we proceed, I will like to ask you a Simple Question. Have you received any Trainings on how to setup a baggage or walkthrough scanner before? I guess your answer is No! Now, the first thing you need is the training. Yes, this is because there are lots of do’s and dont’s to be observed while setting up a baggage or Walkthrough Scanner. This does not mean that you can’t have these scanners up and running in your Company, Organization, school or any building of your choice; what this means is that you will require the services of an expert with experience in handling Various Types of Baggage and Walkthrough Scanners. One of Such Companies is The Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services.

Kougar Solutions Limited provides you with a range of Under-Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) – a system responsible for detecting explosives, metals and other suspicious devices that pose a threat to your environments. Under-Vehicle Inspection System can also be used in different places such as sporting events, schools, churches, mosques, airports, border customs and virtually wherever that there are a lot of crowds, get-togethers or publics.


Kougar Solution, Provides This UVIS in two forms; The Fixed Under-vehicle Screening System and the Portable Under-Vehicle Screening System.


The Fixed Under-Vehicle Screening System are mainly used in places such as Customs, crowed places, ports, border, checkpoints, fuel station etc. This is a data administration system that incorporates spontaneous collection of essential vehicle image, display, and storage utility. It sorts the imaging portion of the earth and the electric control cabinet unit. This form of UVSS offers a large field angle and highly critical protection level for the vehicles.


The Portable Under-Vehicle Screening System is aimed at securing hotel entrance, activity areas or other spaces where casual checkup is needed. It is also a data management system incorporated with programmed collection of underlying vehicle image, display, and storage utility. It has features for suitable transportation and easy integration. It’s composed of ANPR auxiliary control equipment, camera, and display equipment.


In Summary, Securing your critical assets and buildings is not-too-difficult a thing to do. Even without having the skills to set these technologies up you can go on and get yourself an expert just with the exposure you have gained from this article. In case you would like to contact Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services, please follow their page here.