Alarm System -Intrusion, Smoke, Fire: Make The Most Of Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services

If you are wondering what this topic is all about, do not worry. Just take a visit with me as we reveal and uncover every bit of this topic to a basic level.


What’s an Alarm System?

An Alarm System is just a machine setup consisting of various sensors that fuction to dectect any form of unauthorized access into a building such as offfices, banks, schools, hospitals, churches, market arena etc. Let’s break it down more; if you visit banking halls regularly, you get to understand that sometimes when you enter their mantrap (entrance door), a voice warns you to go back and remove any metals on you, you remember right? That’s how an alarm system works! Alarm Systems are not limited to just buildings alone. They can be used in cars also.

Components of An Alarm System?

This comprises of things assembled together to create a functioning Alarm System. Some of them are Keypads, Interconnections, Alerting Devices, Sensors and Control Panel. Let’s discuss each one specifically.

  1. Keypads: Theyare small gadgets that function as the user interface (interaction between the device and human). They also appear as indicator light which are wall-mounted.
  2. Interconnections:These are connections between the components of the system. It can be direct wiring or wireless connections.
  3. Alerting Devices:The devices found here are sirens, flashing lights and bells. There purpose includes warning of property owners of forceful entries, fire condition, smoke condition and also scaring off of thiefs.
  4. Sensors:The sensor serves as an organ that detects any external attack. They are mostly placed at doors and windows for proper monitoring of Sound, interruption, movements and vibration.

How To Set Up An Alarm System?

Setting Up an Alarm System requires the expertise of an experienced professional. Not everyone can set up an alarm system, that’s why it’s advisable to seek the services of an Installation-security solutions company. Most Organizations would prefer to hire one but if you do not own a company and wish to install alarm system in your home or school, you might need to check Kougar Solutions Limited Bespoke Services.


What Does Kougar Solutions Do?

Kougar Solutions belong to a group of Companies in the Middle East (MTCO Ltd, A-Z Solutions, Jason Global Concept Ltd). They are best known for their role in eradication of Security Threats Globally through the application of Advanced Security Softwares and Technologies.

What Services Does Kougar Provide?

Their list of Services are :


  1. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS: For Fire conditions, Kougar provides you with fire alarm systems, helps us set up and ensures your safety is guaranteed.
  2. PBX SYSTEM: This covers a broad variety of office communication products.
  3. TIME ATTENDANCE & ACCESS CONTROL : This is used in managing time and access control for various Organizations.
  4. CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS: They are used in preventing crimes, protecting employees, settling disputes, keeping accounts and inspiring self-reliance.
  5. VEHICLE TRACKING & FLEET MANAGEMENT: This thoroughly monitors drivers and tracks their activities to ensure their accountability while boosting their safety. It takes into record all the happenings such slamming on the brakes, the speed of the moving car and taking fast turns.
  6. INTRUSION ALARM SYSTEM: This System is aimed to identify intrusion – unapproved access into a building or area. When coupled with a television surveillance system, it automatically records the activities of systems to automatically record the activities of buglars, trespassers, and intruders.
  7. PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL: Access Control Systems function to secure entrances. It can come in different forms such as Access cards, identification and authentication of personnel Devices, Voice recognition, Biometric access control (using fingerprints), Passwords, etc.
  8. ELECTRICAL FENCING SOLUTION: A Fence is a barrier or structure that provides buildings with security by restricting access to intruders and forbidden individuals. Electric fences use solar-powered batteries, and are capable of producing voltage shock when in contact with people and animals by converting energies gotten from the sun into high voltage pulses. Once there is a contact they serve as the endpoint for completing a circuit (electric cycle) thus directing a large energy which will result to a jolt to that person or animal in contact.

Other Services run by Kougar include Public Address System, Professional Lighting & Sound Systems, Baggage & Walkthrough Scanners Etc. In case you want to check them out yourself, follow this link and make all your inquiries.


In Conclusion, I hope by now you have acknowledged various importance of having an Alarm System not just in your Organizations but also in your homes, cars and various properties of high Importance.