TISO REVOLVING DOORS – Access Control revolving doors in Abuja


Revolving doors are works as mechanical mechanism that revolves in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion it depends on the driving hand traffic of the people using it, that is to say, the use of the left or right hand will determine if it will be revolving clockwise or anti-clockwise, all these are situated within a cylindrical enclosure. They help to conserve energy by preventing draft such that it locks the air that goes around inside the building, thereby reducing the loss of cooling or heating system of a building.

TISO revolving doors are made in such a way that handles all the access of the revolving door, it also aids to reduce cost a building would have to incur to increase the cooling or heating system of such building irrespective of the climate at all times. They do not only serve as an access control but can also serve the purpose of noise reduction since it’s airtight glass could pass as sound proof.

There are different ways to which these revolving doors can be operated and these are:

  1. Manual floor or ceiling deadbolt lock
  2. Remote locking access control
  3. Electronic access control


Manual floor or ceiling deadbolt lock

This is the type of revolving door in which to securely lock the door, a staff would have to use a key that is connected to bolt that will manually slide to a lock position when the key is turned and when the doors are to be opened the same process takes place and the key, when turned, will slide the bolt to an open position. It could be a tasking job for the staff that has to go through with this process every day and this leads us to the next type of access control.


Remote locking access control

This form of revolving door access control involves the locking or opening of the revolving door manually or automatically and this is done in a removed room situated inside the building where there will be people there on a standby that with doing the work of enabling the easy access of people in and out of the building

Electronic Door Access Control

Before electronic security features were introduced, someone had to walk over to the door and throw a vertical deadbolt down into the floor or ceiling to lock the door and do the same to unlock it also by removing the deadbolt, but with the introduction of electronic shaft locking system, a person at the reception can lock or unlock the door from a distance by pushing a button,or a person with a programmed access card can just swipe the card to gain access to some areas or  the access control system do it automatically and in the case of emergency exit, it will allow the doors to give total exit which can allow a large number of people to pass through the entrance without causing any jam. This is an upgraded version of the remote locking access control.

The advantage of this type of access control is the case where there is a security bridge, you can push a button behind the reception desk to stop the door dead in its tracks and prevent intrusion.

Categories of revolving doors

Revolving doors are mainly categorized according to the way they actually revolve and these are they can be 2-way revolving doors, 3 ways revolving doors, 4-way revolving door and from the names given, the amount of revolving doors gives determines the name of the door.

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