Distributors of TISCO Anti-ram Bollards in Lagos Abuja – Application of Bollards for Road blocks and Security Measures

Bollards are the small post we usually see on the street or security checkpoints; they are usually made from metals, plastics, concretes and other substances out there. Tisco Bollards has its feature as a short, thick post. They are physical safety barrier posts you normally notice the around storefronts, highways or roads, shopping malls,  pedestrian walkway, car parking lots and even more. You most likely see them at security check post or drive through or in some cases a toll gate; they come in different colours but usually, the colours used comes as red, black, yellow, ash and stainless steels are more prominent. They are poles that keep you from getting too close to the drive-through window or prevent get away criminals running away from the authorities. They can also be barriers that prevent you from driving your vehicle onto a pedestrian walking path. Also, they are anti-car ram that prevents car owners from ramming into a building.

Most people that visit Shoprite in Nigeria, and go through the parking lot, you can always see it there as it’s the guard that keep drivers from veering into oncoming cars while exiting the parking lot.

Most of the bollards used do come in different types namely, removable bollards, fixed bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, manual retractable bollards.

The listed Bollards above generally fall into three types of which it’s used:

Decorative Bollards – decorative bollards as the name entails are used for decorating buildings and landscaping, and along with that providing security while guiding the walk path and traffic.

Traffic and Safety Bollards – These bollards are mainly used as an asset for pedestrian safety, as well as guiding the traffic direction, which prevents vehicles from straying out of the main road to the pedestrian walkway.

Security Bollards and Post Covers – Unlike decorative and traffic and safety bollards, these bollards are a highly impact-resistant bollard enhancement that prevents people who are trying to speed past a security post. They are used as security measures in these checkpoints.

Benefits of Bollards

Prevents car owners from mounting the pedestrian curb while parking – Most car owners when they park on the roadside they tend to also park by the side of the road and still go overboard by climbing the curb, but with the installation of the bollard, the car owner will be forced to park accordingly.

Increases pedestrian safety on the walkways – it is said that you will be safe as a pedestrian if you use the pedestrian walkway, but in some cases, some cyclist do not adhere to the traffic rules and would want to use the sidewalk to avoid traffic or to move faster when they are in a haste, but with the help of these bollards, it will prevent them from accessing the walkways.

Improves traffic management – Bollards play a great part in traffic management. From traffic diversions, road closures and semi-closures all require the use of bollards

Security for buildings and infrastructures – Bollards also can be used as a security measure for protecting buildings situated along the roadside. There are scenarios where we see reckless drivers ram into buildings thereby destroying the properties or causing great damage that might even result to loss of life but with the presence of these bollards, it will rescue the case of cars ramming into the buildings.

Decorative aesthetics for it surrounding – bollards can also be used for beautifying the surroundings of a place or landscape, these are normally called ornamental bollards, for they don’t only provide security to the surrounding but also add a beautifying effect to the surrounding it’s being installed.

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