Tips for Safety and to Maintain Your Security Electric Fence

Electric fences are without a doubt the initial line of security, in an area where you have a reason to keep something out or safeguard valuables in your house or business area. It also serves as a deterrent to would-be intruders, whose first instinct is to climb the compound’s fence or barrier or wild animals attacking flocks of agricultural livestock. When intruders touch the electric fence, they are going to get a shock that is certainly safe but can be an unforgettable and uncomfortable encounter.


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Tips for Safety

The following tips can be used to ensure safety even when it is made to offer security; electric fence gives intruders a stinging but non-lethal shock if they try to get into a protected area. So as to acquire your Money worth and also to make sure that the home or business area stay protected and still keep a safeguard without causing great harm to the intruder you can take in some of these tips.

  1. You can put the poles on your fence high enough from normal fence level to avoid mistaken touch or the posts on the perimeter of the grounds of your farm area should be far enough from the main house and there should be enough space between the fence and the living area.
  2. Ensure that everyone in your household is taught how to turn off the electricity on the fence in case of emergencies or occurrence.
  3. If the fences are made for agricultural use to keep animals in and wild animals out, ensure that the wires used are not barbed wired because of any animal or persons that ventures close to it if it gets a shock, would automatically flee from the area. But if it is a barbed wire, the animal might get stuck which will eventually lead to death from thousands of electric volt going through its body
  4. When the posts are placed, string the cable and fasten it on the posts. Ensure that there is enough space between each wire strings to prevent partial contact.
  5. Always put up warning signs at least 10 meters away from the fence to warn people of the danger ahead.









Tips for Maintenance

  1. It is vital that you frequently check your electric fence for foreign materials like leaves, branches, Nylon bag or sachet water etc. Leaves, branches and other foreign materials might severely reduce the voltage of the fence. Therefore, make sure you take away any of these materials as soon as you see them.
  2. Always check your electric fence regularly for damaged, broken or corroded electric fence wire
  3. Check fence wires and ensure they are well tensioned, if wires are not earthen, your battery will run down faster.
  4. Always check all the connections on the electric fence especially those of the energizer, battery and earth rods.




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