Electric Fencing: A sure way ahead for your protection


Fencing has always given people a sense of security it is considered the first step to securing a home, business areas, farms etc. Considering there are very few barriers between the outside world and you, it’s obvious just how much importance safety means to you, it is no surprise that most will go miles in securing electric fences in to ensure criminals are kept out.


How Electric Fences work

Electric fences uses solar-powered batteries, they convert energies gotten from the sun into high voltage pulses that emits voltage shock it comes in contact with people or animals, for when there is contact they will serve as the end point for completing a circuit (electric cycle) thereby administering a large voltage which will result to a shock to that person or animal in contact.

Apart from keeping intruders and criminals from your home, if you live in a place where wild animals are part of your everyday life, you would know how frustrating it can get keeping them out. Preventing farm animals from going out and wild animals from coming inside your farm is another responsibility electric fences can take care of.








Electric fences are simply constructed yet very intimidating, it discharges electricity voltage that is high enough to hurt but low enough not to cause serious injury, 10,000 volt is the allowable voltage range for electric fences. Rest assured with electric fence, your property will be one of the safest in your neighbourhood.


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Most certainly, it may look extreme to have electric fences installed when there are other security measures such as security guards, alarm systems, CCTV cameras, high walls and strongly built fences. The problem is most of them can either be disabled or damaged. If you’re living in a high crime rate or burglary prone neighbourhood or you just want to keep your property free of unwanted intrusion, then electric fences is a sure safety precautionary for you. Besides, the shock it gives doesn’t kill but gives a very uncomfortable encounter and you can always choose models that emit lower voltages of electricity.

Types of electric fencing

  • Permanent
  • Temporary or Short-term
  • Offset or fence protection

Permanent fence: These are perfect for long-term solutions where the property is sure to remain under the possession of the current owner and present needs will remain the same. It’s also ideal for places that see a lot of wildlife activity which may pose a threat and take on pest-like proportions a few years later.

Temporary electric fences: These can be set up almost anywhere, they are only for a short period. It’s generally used for animal control and rotational grazing though it may disrupt intruders’ attempts at getting in.

Offset or fence protection: Unlike permanent and temporary fences, offset or fence protection is added to an existing fence to protect or strengthen it.










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