Skull is a wall-mounted turnstile with double led indication and anti-panic function. Skull is a wall-mounted modification of the Bastion turnstile. Skull turnstile has a double LED indication – on the side and on top. A variety of housing finishing types enables this tripod turnstile to be fitted to a range of installation sites, both indoors and outdoors. It includes an anti-panic function (to prevent injury in the case of people panicking by allowing fast and easy egress to the people in the building).



Bi-directional motorized tripod turnstile with panic / bar drop function

High quality at a cost effective price

Integration with any type of access control and ID systems

Low power consumption; Panic / bar drop function with automatic reset

Whisper quiet, low noise operation

Optional indoor or outdoor housing types

Wide range of accessories

Availability of a backup battery connection

Complete supply set as a standard



Model Twix Unit dimensions (HxLxW), mm 557x745x770

Crossing capacity in free access mode,

Person/min                                                                        60

Crossing capacity in single access mode,

Person/min                                                                        25

Passage width, mm                                                         550
Mechanism                                                                        Motorized

Blocking mechanism                                                       Single electronic brake (general locking system)

Emergency mode (when power goes off)            Free rotation in both direction when power goes off

Drop arm function                                                          Drop arm function can be activated when power is available only (or within using super capacitor modul)

Fail safe                                                                                + (free rotation)

Standard housing                                                             Brushed SS AISI 304

Voltage                                                                                AC (100-240) V, 50/60Hz; DC source 12 V

Maximum power consumption                                 55 W


·        Swing gates

TiSO automatic gates enable access of wheelchair users and oversized belongings, as well as free emergency evacuation. Swing gate turnstile mostly used as an addition to installed tripod turnstiles in order to ensure availability of above mentioned functionality.

Automatic gate systems can be controlled through variety of access control and ID solutions, including biometrics, card readers, and barcode or QR scanners as well as manually via the control pad.