Gate-GS gates

Gate-GS gates offer single or dual direction control of pedestrian access. The primary purpose of the servo-type swing gate turnstile is a control of pedestrian access for industrial premises, administrative establishments, banks, offices, shops, stations and other sites. Due to its unique shape and variety of models, it can suit any interior. That turnstile range is easy to use, compact in size and feature a blade of glass in the swing gate. When receiving a command to permit passage the drive bar turns 90°, and after passage returns to its original position.



High quality at a cost effective price

Integration with any type of access control and ID systems

Low power consumption

Whisper quiet, low noise operation

Possibility of gate opener customization

Wide range of accessories

Complete supply set as a standard

Fail safe.



Model                                                   Gate-GS (650mm)                                           Gate-GS (900mm)

Passage width, mm                         650                                                                         900

Unit width, mm                                                815                                                                         1065

Unit diameter, mm                                         225                                                                          225

Unit height (with glass), mm                        1000                                                                      1000

Weight, kg (not more)                                   45                                                                           48

Mechanism                                                        Motorized                                                            Motorized

Standard housing                                                                             Brushed SS AISI 304
Voltage                                                from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz from a DC source 12 V Maximum power W/pass                                                                                         55

Enclosure rating                                                                                IP41-65 *

Temperature range,                                                                       °С +1 / +40

Gate-TTS is telescopic security gate which offer flexibility and are suitable for all buildings and interiors. Gate-TTS gates have a motorized drive. These turnstiles gates offer a variety of different dimensions making them a useful solution to provide access control to people with special needs or are disabled. This type of access control equipment can be controlled manually both by push button or interfaced with wide variety of access control systems. Mostly, these solutions are used together with other turnstiles to provide wide lanes of up to 1000 mm. The design and operation of these swing gates enables individuals to pass freely, which is not possible with some other waist height turnstiles.