FXN922 – Conventional Multi-Mode Detector Conventional Heat Detector Range

The detector has a dual LED indicator – the red LED is lit continuously to indicate alarm condition, the amber LED when lit continuously indicates that the detector has reached the limit of its contamination compensating ability.


The amber LED can also be pulsed from the panel to locate wiring faults thereby saving time and cost by facilitating the fault finding process. Red LED, fire condition



  • Drift compensation dual LED
  • 360° viewable LED design



  • 5 modes in 1 detector
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Common mounting base
  • Improved system integrity



Code FXN922
Description Multi-mode detector
Standards  EN54 Pt5 & Pt7 2000: A1 2002
Operating Voltage 15V dc to 30V dc
Standby Current 70μA
Startup Current (for 20s max) 340μA
Alarm Current 25mA (max)
Heat Detector Class  
(as define by EN54-5:2000) A1R, BS, CS programmable
Alarm Temperature (static) 60°C A1R, 77°C BS, 92°C CS
Visual Indication Red (alarm) Amber (fault)
Operating Temperature -10°C +50°C
Humidity (Non Condensing) 0 to 93% RH
Construction  PC/ABS
Color White
Excluding Base (H x Dia) 42mm x 101mm
Including Base (H x Dia) 55mm x 104mm
Weight (excluding base) 78g
Ingress Protection IP40
Suitable for use with  JSB fire systems