CCTV Network DVR: HIKVISION DS-7204HVI-SV (4ch-WD1-HDMI) 4 Channel DVR 1 SATA

Key features:

WD1(960×576) recording resolution

Stable operation in all modes

Support for IE, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari

Auxiliary video streams (CIF/QCIF, for each channel)

Parallel operation of HDMI, VGA and CVBS outputs

HDMI/ VGA modes up to 1920 x 1080 pixels

Searching recordings by alarm events

Digital zooming during live monitoring and playback

Synchronous playback from all 4 channels

Support for IPv6

Monitoring the statuses of LAN, cameras, hard drives





Ability to set recording parameters for each channel, including image resolution and quality, bit rate

Audio-video synchronization


Local monitoring

Screen division or sequential image displaying

Up to 4 privacy zones for each camera

Presets and patrol paths and for PTZ cameras

PTZ control via mouse by selecting some area of the image

Possibility of setting a timetable for patrol paths and starting points for PTZ cameras

Support for multiple PTZ protocols: Pelco-p, Pelco-d WX, Pelco-D, Samsung, TLPelco-p, BBV, KC3360S, ACES, ALSON, Tc Pelco P, Tc Pelco D, ANTEN, ADR8060, LC-D2104, A01, LG, 1602-Protocol, 3609hd, AB-D, AB-P, ADV, BEWATOR-PELCO-D, Dragon, DSCP, HIKVISION, HY, Honeywell, Integrative P, LiLin, Manowang, Nitro, Philips-3, PIH-1016, PLD, RedApple, SHINEI, SONY-EVI, SPD, Siemens and other

Detection of video loss, motion detection in predefined areas of images

Quick playback option


Disk management

Place for one SATA HDD up to 4 TB

Support for up to 8 NAS drives (8 x NAS or 7x NAS +1x IP SAN)

S.M.A.R.T. hard disk monitoring

Option of overwriting existing data


Recording and playback

Multiple recording modes, including manual, scheduled or triggered by motion detection

8 periods of scheduled recording, individually configurable for each camera

Pre and post alarm options

Searching by motion detection in selected areas images – “Smart search”,

Searching options include selection of date and time, channel, kind of recording (event)

Ability to set different recording parameters for alarm events


Local playback of all channels simultaneously

Markings for quick searching of selected recordings

Digital zoom during live monitoring and playback

Defining image parameters for specific events

Reverse playback



Exceptions include: disk overflow, disk failure, network failure, video loss, video incompatibility, IP conflict

Alarm response actions include: displaying full screen image from the active channel, beep, and email notification

Possibility of scheduling alarm activation periods


Network operation

Built-in 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet card

Support for IE, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari

Support for TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP protocols

Possibility of remote control, downloading of recordings via the network, remote search/playback/archiving

Remote configuration of parameters

Remote import/export of settings

Remote monitoring of the device status, alarms, log

Possibility of remote disk management, remote firmware update, remote operation control

Remote recording control (switching on/off)

Screenshot recording option


Other features

Control via USB, IR remote, front panel buttons, and dedicated keypad

Ability to create user accounts with different access/management rights

System log recording all events; easy way to find events according to main categories: alarms, exceptions, operations etc.

Starting and stopping alarms manually or automatically

Ability to save and import/export DVR settings


The same features are also available in;

8 Channel DVR 1 SATA

16 Channel DVR 1 SATA