CAH330 – Intelligent Addressable Fire, Smoke, Heat & Photo-Thermal Detector Range Intelligent Addressable Optical Heat Sensor

Eaton’s range of intelligent addressable detectors are third party approved to the relevant section of EN54 (part 7 for smoke detectors& part 5 for heat detectors). The optical detector is suitable for most commercial building applications, giving the fastest response to slow burning or smoldering fires which give rise to large visible smoke particles.

The photo-thermal detector will respond quickly to fast, clean burning fires yet maintains the advantage of optical detectors when detecting smoldering fires. The thermal enhancement of this detector allows a higher alarm threshold, which provides greater rejection of false alarms. The detector will also raise an alarm at temperatures exceeding 60ºC. The heat detector can be set to one of 3 sensing modes, 77ºC / 92ºC and rate of rise.

These detectors are designed to be used in environments where the ambient conditions might cause false alarms if smoke detection were to be used, for example where there is a high levels of dust, fumes or smoke under normal conditions. The range is ideal for the commercial sector such as restaurants and industrial uses.


Key Features

Soft addressed

360° visibility LED, using light pipe technology
Drift compensation
Removable detector chamber
Aesthetically pleasing
Quick and simple to install
Common mounting base
Positive “lock” indication



Code: CAP320
Description: Optical Smoke Detector
Standards: EN54 Pt7: 2000 +A1: 2002 +A2: 2006 EN54 Pt17: 2005
Operating Voltage: 18V dc to 30V dc
Standby Current: 220μA (max)
Alarm Current: 5mA (max)
Addressing Mode: Auto address
Mounting Position: Ceiling in open areas
Mounting Options: Surface mount with CAB300 base
Area Coverage: 100m² (subject to local standard)
System Wiring: Min. 1.5mm, 2 core loop or spur
Rate of Rise: N/A
Fixed Heat 77ºC: N/A
Fixed Heat 90ºC: N/A
Indication: 360° visibility light pipe
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Humidity (Non-condensing): 0 to 95% RH
Construction: PC/ABS
Color: White
Dimensions Excluding Base (Dia x D): 101mm x 33mm
Dimensions Including Base (Dia x D): 104mm x 45mm
Weight (Without Base): 76g
Suitable for use with: Eaton Intelligent Addressable Fire Systems