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Kougar Products and Solutions

Kougar Solutions and Allied Services Ltd, is a licensed Private Limited Company created to provide full range of security products and services to our customers desires. We aim to be your first choice when it comes to advanced security technology and to render well tailored security solutions through our varied range of hardwares, devices and softwares- This we do for individuals and various sectors of the economy. 


Lets help you use  Access control  to implement  selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. 

fire alarm

Our Fire Alarm Partners Eaton manufacture and supply a range of different types of fire systems. 

tur hd camera

In an age where technology is permeating through every aspect of security, This is why people want to  access their feeds.

door station

The Door Station provides an exceptional Video and Audio Intercom … for crystal-clear  security throughout a home or business.


TiSO high security fixed and removable bollards are the most cost-effective solution for preventing unauthorized vehicle access.

physical access control

TiSO is a world class manufacturer of physical security equipment and systems. Established in 1996 TiSO designs and manufactures barriers.


TiSO turnstile gate is a perfect fit when space is at a premium such as small entrances or corridors. It is controlled by a variety of access control and ID solutions, 

Video receiver

An video receiver (VR) is a consumer electronics component used in a home theater. Its purpose is to receive video signals from a number of sources,


The LEMO B Series offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged and reliable circular multipole connector for applications needing Push-Pull latching.


Baggage and Walkthrough Scanners(Astrophysics),vehicle screening system specially designed for rapid inspection and imagery.


Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage. 


TiSO mechanical Tire-Killers are an ideal solution for vehicle access control when a power supply is unavailable. Available in a variety of blocking widths  length.

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